You are going to believe this , Aaaand thats sad

you just knew this orwellian idea had to come to fruition

if you are new to disclose you must watch Brazil

Brazil - YouTube movie time


I remember Brazil the movie, been along time since i watched however.
Be good to watch it again yep, good but probably presciently sad too in a way Oth.

Is that first topic/link real, im checking it out now i presume it is its a logical move for the global ideological terrorists in charge of our disgusting societies they are creating against all our best interests and at the expense of us all.
P.S. Couldnt help but notice this video in the comments below i think it fits hope you dont mind me posting Oth.

On topic, global control

Easily stopped by just throwing a switch and they go dark. Weโ€™re coming.

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