You Can’t Be Right If You Are White! White Is Wrong!

Eight Wrongs Don’t Make A White

A city public school principal is asking parents to “reflect” on their “whiteness” — passing out literature that extols "white traitors’’ who “dismantle institutions,” education officials confirmed to The Post on Tuesday.

The “woke’’ offensive at the East Side Community School in Manhattan features a ranking list titled “The 8 White Identities,” ranges from "White Supremacist’’ to “White Abolitionist.”


The world is a beautiful place and isn’t buying this. They know this paid study from a imbecile in a basement paid by the corporatist to make people’s mad. Not saying everyone is perfect. But we are not in their image world.

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This was an article from Fox News. I did not make it up!

A public school system came up with this…not me! Barnor Hesse did. A professor at Northwestern University!

So @ElDiablo don’t make inane statements like you did below. Read the article! It is reality! Don’t be afraid of reality.

This document is racist towards white people plain and simple. Barnor Hesse is a racist!

The curriculum, written by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of African American studies at Northwestern University in Illinois, claims, "There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities.

"People who identify with whiteness are one of these,’’ Hesse writes above the eight-point list.

I was posting about a professor who was conducting a study with corporatist money because of his agenda. Not the article. Possible we could agree on many things but because of no personality with posts probably didn’t get my idea. I forgive easily no worries. This also discussed yesterday.


Don’t mind seeing it twice at all, nice to see We See in Action…we are all connected :+1:



Who is they? Is he (the professor) still in the basement? Is the professor an imbecile? Who is the corporatist or corporatist entity paying the professor for his study? I don’t see that listed in the article. Do you know? Maybe this study by the professor was undertaken by himself? Maybe to secure tenure by taking advantage of liberalist society fawning over the “woke” new age?

Would you react the same way if this were directed at Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, or other racial groups?

I would! I don’t agree with this in any way, shape, or form. Directed at any race! I am also not afraid to post a topic that may seem edgy in these times! I am not afraid to assault the ambush of racism directed at any race! Must say it seems trendy by the “woke” generation of liberalism to jump on the train of acceptance in condemning the white race!

Do you agree that Professor Barnor Hesse is a racist? You indicate he is an imbecile…Is he racist?

“The racial makeup of the student body at East Side Community was 55 percent Hispanic, 18 percent White, 15 percent Black, 10 percent Asian and 2 percent other during the last school year.“

Not exactly a bastion of white supremacy!

The trend by “woke” liberalism these days is to blame the white race for just about everything that is wrong with America! I mention that, just in case you had not noticed!

No I didn’t get whatever idea you were trying to convey…your first post was unclear and vague! Nor did it exude much personality sir!.. in my opinion.

Hard to dismiss a professor at a respected, well known university as some basement dwelling dolt! But you tried…kind of whitewashed right over it…pun intended.

Maybe we could agree on things, remains to be seen with any answers you may have for the questions I posed.

But mayhap you lack personality also!?And with the mutual lack of personality we may never quite bubble up to level! I too am forgiving, when it is fair and correct to do so… in this case I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Should I read any personality into your avatar/ handle?

Translate "el Diablo " to English: the Devil, Old Nick.

I Flagged This
Seven Hours Ago
With a Link…

Why Is This Still Here

Where’s all The Kids?

Hip hip hurray… totally a wedge attack…your so correct…thumbs up…if a principal handed morning my kid this he would be eating it…this is propaganda of hatred… The longer American put up with this dismantling of their constitution the more we all lose… we are americans…we arent white americans,african americans, latino americans,asian americans, but there are native americans… By dividing us up into races, classes, stereotypes,and other bullcrap the powers that be …win again… we must stop all things like this thatateadding to a created divide to begin with… we must not let t.p.t.b. win and make us kill off each other while they laugh and get their way…stop government soros Clinton obama backed propaganda in schools stop propaganda everywhere…tyranny…the french didn’t put up with their rich top 5 % controlling knowledge, money, societal rules, religions or classing…just thought. The French… won.

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I wasn’t disagreeing about the hatred.

I was trying to get an idea out fast. I was working. I think it kind a makes sense. Their idea isn’t working. It’s disgusting they’re using kids but the kids are open minded. So most kids aren’t believing white people are evil.

I had the luck of judgement recently. Whatever. Don’t bother me. Did take a lot to get that way. Being poor I seen and been through what I had to see they want to divide.

Who’s they? Good question. Not the puppets.

I was replying about how personality in a conversation helps understand a point easier. Not my personality.

The name I chose isn’t my personality. I’m a good man and been. And will be.

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My dad was was is the airborne. Straighten his butt out but he think he liked boot camp too much.

If that’s your avatar thank you for your service.

I won’t post on your stuff. But just something I want to point out. It’s been scary how people can be entrapped because of things on internet. Post something wrong and boom going to jail for something ridiculous. Not saying you said anything wrong. Just saying I’m scared of going into detail because of that. What they did Flynn is enough for me to see. Peace.

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If white is wrong, than i dont want to be right.

Hey Brendace,

Thanks for letting me know who flagged this, I did not know why it was flagged. I do not know why you flagged it. Nor am I aware of what you speak of when you ask…

I will say this, the children are the ones suffering in this mess! It should be about the kids and not adult egos within the school administration and teaching hierarchy! Fortunes in taxpayer dollar being spent on this clusterfuk!

I have come to respect you very much and am interested in your input!

I found this story and gradation of white people into eight derogative categories an extremely racist (toward whites) ( I see POC referenced in some identity categories…also racist) and an exceptionally bias study and bias presentation by Professor Barnor Hesse!

As I would find it extremely bias directed at any race! Anything trying to railroad blackness, brownness, yellowness, redness, any color of skin. Seeing a
person for color of skin, instead of integrity and the makeup of a man or a woman, is innately racist!

I question the term “whiteness”! Or any other color with a ness at the end. What does it mean with reference to Professor Hesse’s study and his presentation of said study?

Dictionary definition:


  1. the property or quality of being white in color.

“a landscape dominated by the whiteness of snow”

  1. the quality of being very pale.

“the whiteness of her skin, like fine porcelain”

  1. the fact or state of belonging to a human group having light-colored skin.

“whiteness was defined as both a racial and a regional characteristic”

A definition from one of the articles within the linked article: Whiteness” is defined as: “The component of each and every one of ourselves that expects assimilation to the dominant culture.”

What? Explain that one for me in nonracial terms!

So if I am white I believe I am of the dominant culture?

“each and every one of ourselves“…is this just whites ( I guess) where are the other scales for other skin colors?

What if I, as a white individual don’t identify myself with any of the 8 categories of “white “identities”? Where do I get lumped into now?

My sister married a black man. I cherish my nieces and nephews. My father and our family sponsored four Vietnamese refugees after Vietnam fell. They had a child in our home and honored my father, naming their son after my father and by association me because my father and I share our name…I am a Jr.

Some of my best friends while serving this nation in the military were black, brown, yellow, red, and white men! They were not my best friends because the were a certain skin color. They were friends because the were honorable! Men who believed in America and were willing to defend America and her values! Men of honor do not see color!

Professor Barnor Hesse is a racist! His study offends me and should offend any American of any skin color! It should offend any American of honor!

Very interested in your valued input on flagging this post! Maybe I am missing something?

Airborne out.

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I apologize profusely for my lack of understanding and being obtuse!

Much agreed at their level now. But as racism, toward any race, continues to permeate our already compromised public school system, it can morph into something that is uncontrollable.

Apologies to you a again for not getting it! I understand now and appreciate your wisdom!

I understand and believe you to be good!

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I needed my ass straightened out to a degree or two also! Airborne Infantry has a way of doing that! And if it doesn’t you probably did not make it through!

Service to this nation, our America, was my honor and privilege! I look back and consider it some of the best years of my life!

Please pass on my best to your father! Shake his hand and tell him “All
The Way!”

You should post on whatever topic you want to post on! That is what this forum is supposed to be about!

I have never flagged a post within this forum because I believe in Freedom of Speech! Their are a few on here I just ignore what I consider their ignorance and ignore what they have to say! Not many though. Flagging and censorship within the DTV forum has also “come home to roost.” That is my opinion. It can become an injurious, tit for tat entity when a forum is supposed to be about the discussion of ideas and viewpoints!

Censorship has become a huge issue for America! A whole topic within itself. For another time

Much agreed! Guess we all share this beast of burden! Guess we all have to figure out what we do and our comfort level with this beast! What “they” did to Flynn showed how wrong wrong can be! Scary stuff! But he believed in what is right and the principles of this nation and our Constitution. He stuck to his guns! In my opinion, he is a man of honor!

Peace to you El Diablo!

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Hey AB…

Your Post is a Double Post

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…Wheres Are All the MODS…


Anyway …No Issue With You

I See This Post is Still Here
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Apologies for double post! Did not see yours! I’m apologizing my a$$ off with this one!

I did check with search prior to posting… nothing came up!

Already gone, I think!

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Now I get above statement!


I apologize for any wrong by me! Your opinion matters to me!

Still curious as to what the link you provided??? I don’t think you would have linked if it did not have merit!


No Issue With You at All Dear



an irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics

We are now 100% full circle on this… the very people “trying to make things right” for something that the Americans of today have nothing to do with (i.e. slavery ) is reckless.

Think if we put together other charts for other colors of skin like:
Your blackness: the different levels of your blackness…defined…and none good.
Your yellowness: the different levels of your “Asian” ways…defined…and none good.

(you get the point)

It would never happen… the interesting thing about all of this? It is coming from people who are predominantly…white!

You know… I think white people have a “prejudice gene”…must be…because they are creating a new type of prejudice based completely on the color of your skin.

So, if my ancestry came from a European country back in 1915 (well after slavery was illegal) and I am “white”… I guess that means that I need to reflect on my “whiteness”…because you know…my skin is “white” and as such I must be prejudice in one way or another…

It makes me sick to think about it… because I have been involved in donations to non-profit organizations for decades to help those less fortunate…but…of course…nothing matters…because I am “white”…

It is like some of these people who believe this garbage think that no one knows anything about history… this issue is a non-issue…

As opposed to spending all of this time and energy towards “whiteness”…if these same people would put that energy towards lifting those in need…we would be in a better place a decade from now. If they keep going down this path, then a decade from now we will be so divided as a country…we already are becoming divided as is…

These people are sick…