You know something is really wrong when

Antifa and blm get free pass to burn, loot, murder, causing billions in damage, destroyed people’s livelihoods, while police stand down and even retreat at times allowing their own stations to be destroyed. All across America.
And although I have every reason to believe that antifa infiltrated yesterday’s protest in DC and instigated chaos, one woman did not deserve this:

Call it whatever you want, but when people are allowed to get away with what happened a few months ago and innocent people suffered because of this - not one leader was held accountable, it was the little guy once again who got fooked - there’s a horrible imbalance that needs to be righted.
The people know this, but we have once again been craftily manipulated against each other.
Regarding the little guys, we are all little guys in their grand scheme. It doesn’t matter who’s side your on, you’ll still be kicked to the curb when they’re done with you.
Believe in it or not, how we treat ourselves is a good indicator of how we treat those around us.
Think real hard about that last part of my statement.
Whether you believe in God or not, one thing I hope we all have in common is that we all wish to be treated fairly. If you disagree with that then you’re not human.
TD is right, it’s only going to get uglier from here on out. Once the USA had collapsed, the world has changed forever.
Do your best. Get right with God and love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Love your neighbor (s) as you’d love yourself.
Only divine intervention can save us, now.


The fact she is unarmed…surely that is murder.

Nothing will happen

May she rest in peace . After watching this ive been upset at people and how they treat one another . We need our lord and savior Jesus accept him in our hearts and repent from our sins pray for one another . God bless


Check yourself before you wreck yourself


I am still pretty pissed about the girl.

Sadly, gabara is correct. Nothing will happen.

Justice is “rigged” these days only in favor for the democrat party. They can get away with everything while controlling your life and stealing your money and even murder.

And if Antifa or BLM come to this farm only divine intervention can save them. They will not be called anything but martyrs.


What a mess! I grieve in my heart for this country. The evil things we do to each other is despicable. I don’t give a flip who you voted for or who you support. But this is all BS!

For the past few months, our cities have been burned, businesses destroyed, people attacked, etc. No one bitched. News reported it and people said what a shame.

One day protestors stormed the White House. No fires were set. Now the WORLD is criticizing how it was handled. Politicians want immediate impeachment.

And we continue to fight with each other. Hatred has gotten a large foothold in this world. Sometimes things happen I don’t like or understand. But everytime, God has a plan. That’s where I chose to focus faith.

We do need to love one other, at the very least be respectful.


No reason at all for that trigger to be pulled!!



this made me really angry yesterday.
just watching this clip now, i wonder if we should contemplate the possibility of crisis acting here?
just looked a little faked to me, no blood splash.
the round didn’t seem to really knock her quickly.
no one applying pressure to the wound.
what do you guys think?
i wouldn’t put it past them and we know why they would do it.
kinda coincidental that she is already surrounded by officers.

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Nothing is impossible anymore. All we can do is be ready to stand our own ground.

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No, it was real enough :cry:

Yes, on further contemplation. She was shot in the neck, right? A fatal neck wound would be doing what? Arterial blood would be pumping, especially arteries in the neck. She was conscious and talking, apparently saying she was alright. That part is what seemed genuine. She was in shock… possibly. This is more revealing:

Is that agonal breathing she’s doing?

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It is Completely Impossible to Give a Honest Answer.

So I am not trying

Photos showed at least 2 others had Handguns to Defend their Ground

Video Shows the Hourly Paid Guards Remove the Barrier letting the Protesters Pass.

No Excuseable Reason

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Obviously, internal.
You have less than 60 seconds before the carotid bleeds you out.
And if completely severed, you have 5-20 seconds before unconsciousness and ultimately…death. :cry:

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Who are you referring too?
The people causing chaos?
Or security?

would expect the impact of the projectile to kind of snap her back.
it looks more like she sort of jumped backwards instead, which didn’t appear to match the angle of the shot.
law enforcement all around her instantly saying get back.
the other suited guy may have squirted blood on her, blood cap in mouth also maybe.
no one applying pressure to wound even though they would all be trained in first aid.
at point blank range maybe you would have blood splash out the other side of her neck on the wall?
im not claiming i know or anything, but this better footage has made me wonder.

I just added new footage. She looked like she was agonal breathing, basically she’s dead but it’s just reflexive…
I don’t know but either way it’s unsettling.

I hear what ya saying, but , it went through the soft tissue in her neck
Basically tissue paper to a bullet yes?
She fell back, no doubt, because of 2 things
When hit, she freaked and jumped back, knowing she was shot
She freaked when shot at, or heard the gunshot, and jumped back

Alot of people do not know they have been shot, nor get flung back.

Im not a doctor, but i think, that is my best guess.

I am sorry if i am wrong.

But i do honestly believe she was shot, and passed away.


being hit by a bullet is almost like being hit by a car, you know what i mean?
i’m not talking movie styles or anything.
in saying that could be full metal military rounds, designed to injure not kill, therefore less impact.
i will be keeping an eye on this subject, more footage would be handy.

You’re absolutely lost. You couldn’t be more incorrect in your “analysis” of the rioters