You know something is really wrong when

She wouldn’t have been shot had she not been involved in the riot

Shouldn’t have been trespassing the way she was :man_shrugging:

i am questioning whether she was actually shot.
so your comment is kind of a tangent for me.

Oh swami of the wayward ones, point us in the truthful direction, then… ok?

If it was a black blm antifa they whole story would be different and spun completely as white neo nazi opression…this is the big diff with this and blam antifa violence on innocents thats for sure.

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So why did the swat cops come in get the other 2 and start to leave? :thinking:

piece of shit mother…er, for lack of a better term. No…no better term

COWARD…is all I have to say

This nation was lost a long time ago…I call them PATRIOTS

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Nobody got shot in 2018…when similar happened.

She appears tobe unarmed also.

Surely the shooter should be aiming to hurt…not kill.

Surely these guys have conditions to when they can take a fatal shot?

I know for a fact a military person would be charged with Murder here,as no gun was being used or explosives being set up.

You guys seriously questioning why she got shot?

Here’s another “question” for you guys to ask yourselves.

What happens when the rioters reach Pelosi and

My answer to that question is the reason why a unarmed rioter got shot.

You guys seriously believe that they should’ve opened the doors and let them straight to congress?

I swear this sites contributors have to be foreign instigators.

I feel bad she got shot but I wouldn’t be the first into a broken window after seeing the gun pointed at me.

Word that comes to mind is Entitlement.

You and constipationalist bring nothing to this site. You’re both beyond logic.
But… we were warned of your kind.
So, with that said… back to the basement with you, because the coast is not clear.

Only reason why I’m not dragging all of you through the mud with posts is outta respect for those who lost their lives.

Making Trump Supporters look stupid via the capitol attack is what I should be doing.

Plenty of stuff to post that will make Trump Supporters look stupid.

But I digress. People died because of false narratives that have been pushed on them for awhile now.

A cop died doing his job.

A vet died believing she wouldn’t get shot breaking through a barricade.

I mean seriously?

Do you really want me to drag you and your buddies through the mud and make you look and feel stupid?

It’s coming I just want you to let me know when your ready.

I’m gonna go evilshroom on DTV with posts 1/20.

That’s how long you got.

Shes a soldier. Shes trained to fight this off. She stayed as calm as possible. Get as much breathing as possible. Stay as conscious as possible. But alas…she fought bravely :sleepy::pray:

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I would not question it as much, (still sad regardless a life was lost)
if she breached the perimeter of the door.

And they got no where near the senators.

She fought for the right cause and took it to the real enemy. Unlike blm and pantifa going after mom and pop businesses…
fook blm! Fook pantifa! Cowards…


im still not entirely convinced that she was shot and died.
looks a little staged to me, would like to see more angles on the incident.
there were a few strange coincidences surrounding that event.

Just her saying she was ok and then what looked like agonal breathing, seemed real…

maybe real, maybe good acting.
not saying i know, just saying i want to know more.
just seems too perfect, the shot didn’t seem to knock her to the side like you would expect from a shot at that angle.
no blood on the wall or anything.
looks like she jumps backwards through the window, straight into a group of uniforms accompanied by one suit.
none of them seem to be doing proper first aid even though they would be trained.
get everyone to stand back, squirt the blood.
cart the patient away and jobs done.
once again, not saying i know.
just don’t like to take things as they are presented, question everything right?