You know something is really wrong when

come on Really ??

I’ve seen You Question simple things before.

Who Stages Fake Blood Capsules in the Mouth Protests ??

If You can’t See the Truth that is so Blantly in front of Your Eyez…

Please Please don’t stand next to Me when I Protest the Excact same thing.

They were Unarmed Nothing in there Hands as Weapons, and are just trying to Be Heard.

Don’t stand next to Me, since You will think its all for Show.

I wasn’t there but it looks way to Real to be Faked.

The Reaction of the Surrounding Crowd show enough to Prove Realism to 98% of the Rest of Us.

Never had to say this before

I am Ripper von Zepplin ll

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I respect you all. You know that to see something on video today as opposed to our own eyes is quite different.
That said, I watched a few people pass is my life, not shot, but what seemed so real with her passing is what is called agonal breathing. She basically died but the primitive part of her brain was still sending signals to breathe.
This one was was hard to watch.

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Ripper Von Zeppelin II… :flushed:


Show Me the Fake proven to be Fake Videos of any of this from past 90 Days

Ok ??
I would love to see them if You could Please.

I am Ripper
Patriot till Death

im still mulling it over.
i watched more footage today that makes me lean towards real.
never said i knew anything, just gotta question everything.
if the plan was to make trump bad and stop the vote being finalised, it worked.
so there is a motive for fakery right there in my view.
pretty much need a death to make it bad enough.
a few coincidences there.
i need to see the bit where they wheeled her outside, i saw it on the day and the blood looked very pale for oxidised blood.
blood goes almost black when oxidised by air.
so not making any claims, just queries.

Heard Trump signed insurection act. Lots of activity going on…

what does that do silver?
the insurrection act?
i have heard people talk about it, but haven’t paid it any mind.

Military takes control of the country. Trump is commander in chief.
Probably go into marshal law until the traitors are rounded up.
Trumps operation warp speed might’ve been cover for this.
Who knows. One thing is certain… they are pushing hard to get Trump out of office right now. Article 25, impeachment again. That alone tells me they’re nervous.


Has anyone confirmed an obituary for this poor woman? If you find one please post so we can all
send a condolence.

Something YOU don’t understand ??

Gladly Help You with it if You can tell us all what it is.

I am a Patriot Till I Die
On My Headstone You can put

RIPPER von Zepplin ll

Believe Me
I’ve seen many stories on the News that turned out to Be staged Events with Crisis Actors all acting.

I may have been Tricked In too Believeing this is Truth so I also would like to See both sides and make up my mind.

von Zepplin ll, Ripper

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