“You Look Too Good To Be Racist” Young Man Jogging In His Neighborhood Gets Harassed By Karen! Wshh

Do you guys support these types of behaviors?

Is this something that is considered to be “ok” in today’s society?

Why are people so scared?

What are they scared of?

Crazy times we live in.

Real answers only please.

This has nothing to do with politics.

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There’s Karen’s everywere , they are in your neighbourhood , in your shops , outside your schools , I seen about 5000 all together at a trump rally , fkin scary shit , there’s a few Karen’s on here , you know who they are :grin:


Lady is a BITCH…

There are stupid people, then there is her.

Lol. I have a couple on my threads you are correct.

But what are they scared of?

Is it fear or hate?

This happens all the time.

I just don’t get it.

What is the point?

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This could be staged. But calling a hot woman a punk is funny. Who knows?


I didnt even think of that…

Hmmmm, now i have suspicions

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These Karen’s are scary and they can cause a lot of trouble for the people that they pick on because most police will believe a white woman ,and that is wrong

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I’d have bitch slapped her up and down the street for being a racist cow

I would just keep jogging… on the same block

For 5-6 rounds

Then be on my way…joggin

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Got a funny story for…

Back in college (University of Wisconsin) I spent like 2 drinks and 39 minutes on a Cougar.

She was nice and flirting back and forth.

all of a sudden I ask for her number and she says this verbatim “I’m not gonna let some cute young nigger sweet talk me into giving him my number…”

Craziest way I’ve ever been called a nigger.

Thought I had her in the bag. Me and my friends.


I’m still in shock.

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Fk that , racism must be smashed everytime it occurs, it’s the way I was brought up

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I agree. I understand that to an extent we need to protect our women but not at the sake of someone else’s liberties.

Thank you for your contribution.

You should do a Karen mega thread, I’ve seen some beliters

Didn’t want to get kicked out of school.

Just tossed my pitcher of beer on her and had the bouncers remove her.

I’m not the violent type.

Plus I can never put my hands on a lady unless lives were at stake.

Violence breeds violence…but thats just me?

If she took a swing, ok, but all she is doing is following,

Im sure she wouldnt follow if i kept jogging…

And…jogging…and jogging…

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Can’t just turn a blind eye to it all the damn time.

If this is the first time he was ever harassed I’d ageee with you. But I highly doubt this was his first time dealing with a racist/Karen or what ever you want to call her.

Can’t keep running for ever bro.

If it was from the same women, i agree…

Still dont agree with the beatdown…sorry Morganna, but i dont

I need physical provocation to light em up .

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Just simply WOW.


Definitely upper class, all white neighborhood that this guy decides to go jogging through? Or is he a regular, you know, jogs a certain route every day and this neighborhood is part of the route. I know that back in my days of jogging I’d run a set 8 mile route everyday.
Think on this, also: The guy was walking, T-shirt over his shoulder with the hottie following him while he was recording the whole thing. Was she also originally jogging, you know, to keep up with him? Keep tabs on him?
Why did he stop and interact with her? Why not just keep on ‘jogging’ his route. Granted, the minute she opened her mouth she stuck her foot in it. But still… even if the narrative is set, I bet there’s more to this story.
There always is.

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She could even be a noob in the neighbourhood as well,
We just dont have all the answers from that clip

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