You Will Never Say A Bad Word Again After Watching This! (Compilation)


Seems like there isnt a single thing we can do to do right in Gods eyes. The smallest things seem to put God into a damning hellfire would seem that one would need to be in continual prayer and meditation and avoiding every tiny temptation in fear of ending up in a lake of fire.
I question the impossible standards we are expected to live by.


alone the numerous consumption of meat and somany other things of the econemy and consumerism thats connected to bloodmoney and so on. then everyone is already doomed by g#d until they have turn 4 years old or something.

As long as you repent, your sins will be forgiven.


God is perfect and wanted to experience imperfection; hence us. Though, I wouldn’t take that as a pass to sin.

What gives you that impression? Besides some tales of judgement in the Bible, seems to me that God is quite long-suffering and patient. The world reeks of evil, from sex trafficking, to slavery, to greed, to much bloodshed, yet here we are, still standing, no real judgements forthcoming. You do not do well to avoid judgement or curry God’s favor–you do well because it is the thing to do. If everyone did what was naturally correct, the world’s problems would fix themselves, since the world’s problems are its human element.


thank you for sharing this video…



Curse words. “Curse”. Follow the commands of Jesus and the truth will set you free.

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In Russian cursing it called Matershina or “Matt” as in mater/mother. As in your cursing your mother if you do.

With that said I don’t believe that or many superstitions built into our society as mental control.

Curse of you want to, it’s a release and healthy. Just remember there is a time and a place for everything.

We all fall short from GOD’s glory… But he see’s who’s heart long for him.

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So here is the thing about this (in a general sense):

If God/The Universe/Spirit ( however you view this entity that made everything that is ) created everything, then God created all things both “good and bad”. In reality, God created the concept of “Good and Bad” which I believe is the fundamental message in the Adam and Eve story. In order to understand “God” and/or “The Universe/Spirit” one must contemplate both the Yin and Yang aspects of “all that is”.

If you are to be “judged” for using the very expression of that which was created by God whether it be perceived as “Good or Bad” and if you will be “cast to hell” for using language that expresses an emotion from which you were given the ability to have by God…then there is an inherent trap that has been set in place by God itself.

In order for there to be a full expression of God in every spiritual aspect of life on this planet, then there has to be the “Yin and Yang” side of God/Spirit…for one thing to exist then there must be another thing that “counters the existence of that thing”…it is a balance that needs to be fully understood.

If God intended all life to be “Good” (as we humans have come to an agreement upon here on Earth) then there would be no room for “Bad”…as well if you look at nature in its purest form you will see animals performing actions that we, as a species, view as “bad or mean or negative”…but if you look closely you will also see “Good” actions by animals and you will see many animals show signs of “sentience”.

There are stories about many different types of animals that “mourn” a lost mate or child…there are videos of dogs that mourn the loss of their “human companion” and will just wait for them to “show up one day”…animals show signs of “God/Spirit” flowing through them and they show us that there are always “Good and Bad” actions performed by all forms of animals…but if you look even closer…you will notice a balance happening where an Owl might snatch a cute fluffy baby bunny from the ground to only shred it apart while it is still alive so it can feed its young…

Now, there are two perspectives here…the cute fluffy bunny who most likely has a mother and siblings that will notice it gone or might have witnessed the “horror” of the event…and then you have the mother owl that finds food to feed its babies…where one negative expression occurs there is always a positive expression that occurs…life is a matter of general relative perspective…and so would be God/Spirit.

The “devil” was a creation by God as is stated in the Bible…and there are “Good Angels” that were created by God as well…God, according to the Christian bible, tests Job by killing off his children, inflicting disease upon him, and a myriad of other “tests of faith”…those are all “negative actions” caused by God (and Satan) that were intentional in order to provide the “example of faith” (the positive)…

In the universe there is space that has energy…and there is space that has nothing at all…positive and negative…

Atoms have positive and negative particles…

Frequency (vibrational or otherwise) has positive and negative components…and will always follow the pattern of “for as much positive you will eventually have the inverse/negative side”.

If God/Universe created this dualistic pattern throughout every aspect of everything that was, is, and will be, then I find it very difficult to believe that using a socially determined (i.e. a construct of humans) to express an emotion (i.e. God given) that God will judge you for this…it would be like sending all dogs that “growl” at people to hell for eternity because the dog simply “growled” at certain people or animals…it is an expression (the growl) of an emotion that most all dogs “universally understand as being associated with a negative emotion”…should all dogs that growl regularly at things they fear or feel threatened by be cast to hell for eternity? My guess is that God/Spirit doesn’t view the expression as anything more than an expression of that particular emotion…

If it turns out that God truly created Satan with the understanding that Satan would then influence Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge…which would then “curse mankind” for its entire existence knowing of “good and bad”…then that to me is something that does not “line up” with everything else…and if that is truly the case I would be more than happy to spend eternity in “hell” for expressing an emotion that I was forced to have and deal with “no matter what”…which also means the majority of all animals on this planet, their spirit, would end up in “hell” as well…because they are continually “expressing negative emotions” throughout their entire life span.

My guess is that this whole concept of “negative words” and how it “impacts your spiritual existence” for eternity was a “human constructed idea” that God wants “everything to only strive to emit positive energy/vibrations/emotions”…that would not align with everything in the Universe…

A planet might form, life might start on it and evolve over an extended period of time and then suddenly…the star in which the planet rotates around implodes destroying every living thing on the planet…that is a “negative” event (in regards to the Spirit evolution and expression of God) that is purely based around elements far beyond the control of the sentient beings on that planet…but somewhere else in the Universe a new form of life is started and begins to evolve at the same time…and that is a positive expression.

My guess is that part of life is to better understand this duality of “positive and negative or good and bad” in order to better understand “God as a whole” so that when you do “return to the source” you are not just a single expression of “one part of God” but a myriad of expressions…and as long as your “final expression before death” resonates in understanding the “good and bad” aspects of yourself…whether you have mastered self control or not…I would like to think that God would welcome you and provide you with comfort in that you are accepted, in your current form, as a part of “God/Spirit/Universe” and your contribution was “part of the big picture” whether your scale leans more to the negative, or the positive, or is a fine balance between the two…all forms are “expression of God/Spirit”.

At least that is my truth that I believe…


But yet it is so easy to miss hell altogether and never give it another thought.
Believe and repent and ask. 3 little words. God does not expect perfection, He expects us to do our very best. If it were possible for one singularly human man to live his life perfect Jesus would not have went to the Cross. He would simply say do like that guy over there he got it right.

People think we are weighed on scales after death and if their good outweighs their bad they are in heaven and if the bad is heavier they go to hell. This whole theory can be debunked by a simple thought. How much is good enough and how much is too much bad. No one can tell you. We all not matter how hard we try we miss perfection by miles. So if i am born healthy and do all the good I can do and do better than the next man would that be fair?? What about the man that is sick or crippled and cannot do as much as me…so its hell for him?

The keyword is Grace, forgiveness. If God was itching to put us in hell he already had the reason and the power to do it but instead Jesus came here to be punished in our place so we could still be with God for eternity in spite of our downfalls.

Its all matter of accepting it. God will never shove it down anyones throat and make them swallow it.


Lol. I’m a veritable sailor…especially if I stub my toe or whatever. I used to use that distinction to justify my language. I’d be like…cursing and cussing should not be conflated…I called her a @##$, but I did not curse her. Then I read in Romans where it says…do not use strong language. And I was like…oh. Yikes. lmao. It’s a hard habit to break…one that I still struggle with. Sometimes only specific words fit the bill. Others, I’m just reckless with my mouth. Definitely a goal for me. More often than not, it makes me feel worse than it’s worth. Knowing that I know that is probably the worst part.

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