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He says “They’ll be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people - horrible kids.” No we did that long before Trump was president. What we are seeing right now is the result of raising a “generation of intolerant, horrible people - horrible kids.”


He looks like Jerry Springer or like a younger George Soros.

Thank You so much for posting this up !

I have called on both my state congressman and senator to call for this mans immediate termination.

For those with children or care of this matter. I would ask that you do the same. Make the calls and make our representatives aware of this mans speech while he gets paid by the Tax payers.



You saw them (that generation) protesting across the country (Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis) while the media reported nothing about it.


They are literal paragons of all things imperfect and ugly.

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These people are what is wrong with the world.

It was a good world, flawed but alot of good happened

They are sucking the last of the good out of the world


He doesn’t believe a word he’s saying because he has no balls to say it out loud. He hides and whispers it.
He’s a coward who’s paid by us… :man_facepalming:

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Update of a CYA = Cover Your Ass


Geez …


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one down 57 million to go


My opinion anyway, as such written as I think it.

Let’s be honest, the quick turn around on this is good, but will not address or solve the real issue present.

This fellow apparently was honey potted into talking freely, emboldened to do so, as result of a commonality of thought among his colleagues and peers. He was just dumb enough to get caught doing it.
Expressing a disposition many in similar positions feel. A self righteousness that is reminiscent of the beginnings of the national socialist party of Germany. Easy to justify violence, and internment.
Feeling a moral superiority, ingrained with the right to make decisions for others. Going as far to separate families and use violence against their fellow human.

that is george soros…

Ruthless lol

thats a real man
this is the pattren
dont give them a inch


This guy got beat up a lot in school

thought you were talking about me then I stopped scrolled back and considered you might be talking about origanal post.

then it seemed to make sense , I got to lay off the caffene

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all respect, its often we get going too fast

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