'Zombie' whitetail buck in Southern Illinois with massive wound (Graphic)

This is a real video from a trail camera on my property in southern Illinois. The date and time on the video are correct. Property owners think he was hit by a combine header when the neighbors were harvesting a field. In the video, the buck has survived more than 24 hours. The property owners are looking to recover the deer if he is dead. They are currently hunting the property and plan to shoot the deer if they see it.

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Hands down the best trailcam shot I’ve ever seen.

I feel bad for that deer, and mad at whatever let it get away :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is one vid that i truly hope is fake, but it does look real.

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Wow sir… I have unfortunately heard of game not taken cleanly being tracked for days… animals including the human animal can accomplish the near impossible…amazing video tragic but incredible…

Damn!! … poor animal – it must be in bloody agony.

I’m a little surprised it walked by the cam as easily as it did with such an injury – not even the hint of a hobble or a wince. That starts me down the fakery route :joy:

It’s a very clean looking wound also. The shape of it is a bit strange - almost surgical looking with how sharp the lines are.

Not sure what the combine blade is shaped like but I would have thought it wouldnt have sliced leaving the curves around the shoulder & rib area. Then again, pending the angle the deer was at to the blade etc.

Looked again and it’s the back really… just before the shoulder and above the ribs – nasty regardless.

I hope they find it – poor thing.


Wow. That’s a pretty nasty wound if legit. Animal doesn’t even seem to be struggling though. Would think it will get massively infected real quick.

Oh man
Poor buck
That’s horrid
But…you know…animals pretty much just accept pain
It probably won’t be long before gnats and flies find it
Then it’ll really get ugly

How can it be cut like that while keeping its antlers?. Metal cuts clean, Looks real, but too clean. No blood and seipage. Plus no cleaning lines from licked fur and clean nose/ mouth.

Mutilation? Aliens fo sho

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