Zuckerberg Grilled Yesterday By Senate Committee

And as usual “he can’t recall” anything. There is no point in interviewing him. The guy is a technology genius that knows the answer to every single question he is asked. Just cancel their section 230 protections and let them struggle like the rest of the world.


Zuckerberg is Data, Data is Zuckerberg. Compute?


It’s almost as though Zuckerberg acts as if he’s not in court and he tells everyone how its going to work.

Watching your guys senate committee hearings is painful. Who is in control?

Why can’t we put him in front of Judge Judy or someone who will actually not just pussy foot around these guys?


I hope they skewered him and spit roasted him!!!

Looks like an android to me…what a w**ker !!!

Word from my wife’s latest reading is because of his position amongst the the FB/Twitter world he knows very important peoples secrets at all times and that keeps him pretty safe. I wouldn’t doubt he’s got a close confident ready to release info incase of his untimely death.

The simple answer to this guy is the same as any other company ,just stop using his product.

Look forward to some new bad lipreading, this cracks me up everytime.

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Jibber Jabber. I can’t believe this is allowed. Seems to me it is all a show of some kind. To who’s benefit?
Who is in who’s pocket?

Yeah, Judge Judy would chew him up and spit him out. Probably make him cry too. I want to see that episode.


Lol, my thoughts exactly. Look at those bulging googley eyes! There are many living in that head. Kind of feel bad for the kid, he’s possessed and probably doesn’t even know it.

So we have a Q, we have a Data, we still have Guinan, Dubya was a Ferengi, Obama was a Romulan that much is clear, … only one question remains. Who is Picard?


Note zuckzuck admitted that they track you across net

It is uncanny.

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