The Blue Albino Woman: A Complete Beginner's Guide

The Blue Albino Woman: A Complete Beginner's Guide

Name: The Blue Albino Woman

Alias: None

First Reported: 1963

Location: Topeka, Kansas

The Origin of the Blue Albino Woman

The story of the Blue Albino Woman begins with a relatively normal woman from Topeka, Kan. She suffered from albinism, which made her skin pale, her long hair white, and her eyes pink. Due to the fragile nature of her body, she often kept her blinds drawn to avoid the sun.

Throughout the 1900s, people tormented her because of her physical appearance. Stories spread around town suggesting she glared at children on their way to school each morning, perhaps trying to find her lost child.

One night, a group of men abducted the Blue Albino Woman because they thought she was a witch. After digging a deep grave in the Rochester Cemetery, they buried her alive. To this day, no photographs of the woman exist, and no one remembers her real name.

Her tragic death kept the Blue Albino Woman’s spirit from passing onto the next realm of existence. She is stuck with us and has since become cold and dangerous, haunting the streets near the cemetery in which she was buried. From a distance, she looks like a harmless old woman, but once closer, she is clearly a dangerous spirit known to eat human flesh.

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