The Dark-Watchers what are they?

Let’s take a trip down cryptozoology lane. I haven’t had a cryptid profile in while. The creature I have for you this time has been known for thousands of years by California’s central coast Native Chumash tribe.

Called the Dark Watchers or ‘The Old Ones.’

These shadowy tall entities watch over mankind but to what purpose?

Are they some kind of giant or maybe something a little more paranormal?

When one thinks of California, I imagine surfers, movie stars, beautiful weather and oranges.

Not strange silent otherworldly nebulous human like swain.

The Dark watchers are similar to the paranormal beings the shadow people, but unlike the shadow people they are said to be giant humanoids whom make their homes in the mountain range of central coastal California.

It is said that the dark watchers lurk in these mountains, hiding in the caves, crags, and crevices of the rocky terrain. Those that have seen the dark watchers describe them as standing at an average height of 15 feet, dressed in long black cloaks and wearing broad-brimmed hats, and sometimes carrying what is thought to be a staff or a walking stick or possibly a spear.

They often stand motionless and silent observing people and when they are seen they often vanish with a second glance.

These strange dark giants were known to the early Spanish explorers of the California area, they named them “Los Vigilantes Oscuros.”

The Dark Watchers “Los Vigilantes Oscuros.” Are said to migratory and have been appearing in the Folkloric tales of California for the past several centuries.

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