Ancient Mysteries

The Enigmas Of Earth Unveiled, 5 Of Them

Some amazing facts discussed in this clip. First of all the pyramids of Egypt keeps on the baffling scientist to this date as to how were they able to move such heavy stones and pile it up on the pyramid. One of the theories that Egyptians were helped by extra-terrestrial beings to build them as during those times wheels were not yet invented.

Moreover, these pyramids lie on the exact axis of other structures including Stonehenge. Another fact of Stonehenge confirms the fact that there was alien hand in their construction as it is just impossible to place such heavy stones horizontally on the pillar.

Out of body experience is experienced in some near experience death cases, and it seems our soul floats out of the body when we die. The case of a person who does not remember anything and has no database can be a case of time travelling or even alien abduction.

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