The Fire Mummies of the Philippines

The Fire Mummies of the Philippines, also known as the Kabayan Mummies, are a group of mummies found along the mountain slopes of Kabayan, a town in the northern part of the Philippines. They were made from as early as 2000 BC until the 16th century, when Spain colonized the Philippines.They are a bit ghoulish...nailbite

Kabayan Fire Mummies

Today, they remain in natural caves and a museum in Kabayan. Unfortunately most have now been destroyed or simply disappeared (into private collections) and the ones in the museum are not looked after properly.facepalm

Kabayan Philippines Mummies Cave

Near their death, the person was made to drink a heavily salted beverage, to dehydrate them.Tobacco was then blown into them to dry them out. The body was then sat into a fetal position and placed near a fire to dry out, before they were put into caves, with herbs and ointments rubbed on to them.

Kabayan Fire Mummies Mummy Tattoo

Kabayan Mummies Mummy

Some even had tattoos...a bit like ones found on the South Pacific Islands ? Some more below in link. cheers