The Global Elite's Ship Is About To Sink

The Global Elite's Ship Is About To Sink

China and Russia are planning to overtake the United States – and their plan is working.

Over the course of the past two years, world powers have been working to strip the United States of its most valuable leverage over the rest of the world – its money. The BRICS nations appear to have been conducted a fairly aggressive campaign to allow the countries in their grouping to overtake the United States through fair means or foul. It appears that the campaign is already succeeding in eroding the hard and soft power exerted by the United States all across the world.

In August of 2015, China shocked the world markets, particularly the Wall Street banking cartel by devaluing the yuan three times in the space of only three days. In doing so, China effectively erased five years of ‘controlled appreciations’ which impacted bankers on Wall Street particularly ferociously. It is believed that certain elements within the banking cartel responded to China’s acts of financial aggression by attacking factories with explosives across China.

However, the act of violent revenge failed to deter the Chinese government from their plan. Shortly after throwing the American stock market into turmoil, they announced an updated total of their copious gold reserves, a mere twenty nine days after their last update. This was highly unusual behaviour from China who normally only update their total of gold reserves every five to six years. This led financial experts to suggest that China were attempted to push towards an international gold standard. At a time of economic turmoil in the United States, this was the last thing that the fiat-based US dollar and the central bankers in the Federal Reserve wanted to deal with.

Approximately two weeks later, the Russian Federation began to twist the knife. Vladimir Putin drafted a bill which announced his intention to eliminate trading in either US dollars or the Euro in deals between the CIS countries which includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and some other countries that once formed part of the Soviet Bloc.

Putin’s actions could be viewed as indicative of his inherent antipathy towards the United States under President Barrack Obama with whom he has always had a hostile relationship. Russia has also experienced significant diplomatic issues with the European Union in the past few years owing to the expansion of the Union eastwards and the extension of NATO membership to formerly Soviet countries. The aggression between Russia and the EU reached its lowest point following the annexation of Crimea by Russian forces.

However, it is not merely Putin who is beginning to make moves towards a rejection of the US currency. The Japanese Bank for International Cooperation has also announced that they plan to turn away from US dollars in favour of Russian roubles. This suggests that even America’s ostensible allies are beginning to realise that the rising economic powers are going to shortly overtake the United States.

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