The Hall of Records is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium

The Hall of Records is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium

Edgar Cayce Said The Hall Of Records Is The Most Important Discovery Of The Millenium.

The Bucegi Mountains sit in central Romania, forming part of the Carpathian Mountains. They are very beautiful to look at and unseen by many. Far from just being good to look at, they are reportedly also home to some incredible secrets hidden from the wider world. Those secrets may relate to the Hall Of Records.

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who went by the nickname of, "The Sleeping Prophet." Some people consider Edgar to be the founder and a principal source of the beliefs of the so-called New Age movement. He died in 1945, but his legacy is thriving thanks to the Association for Research and Enlightenment which is headquartered in Virginia. There are also Edgar Cayce Centers found in 37 countries.

Here is a public domain photo of Edgar:

Egypt has a mysterious history, part of which is the Hall Of Records. The phrase, "Hall of Records, "came from Edgar Cayce himself. It is said to be an ancient library, some believe it is under a paw of the Great Sphinx. However, Egypt isn't one of the only areas of significant interest Edgar pointed out, he was clear about sacred lands across the globe. One of which is believed to be the Bucegi Mountains.

But what is exactly does the Hall Of Records contain and why did Edgar think it was so important?

The Hall Of Records is said to have all sorts of information such as details about the lost civilization of Atlantis and latter Egyptians. But that's not all, it may have details about applied extraterrestrial technology, and advanced scientific knowledge discovered a very long time ago. This is why Edgar regarded it as being so important.

Searches have been made in tunnels under the Sphinx but as of yet the Hall Of Records has not been found. Scans of the Bucegi Mountains have also turned up some interesting results, but more research needs to be done into this potential world changing artifact.

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