The Hunt Is On For An Alabama Man Who Kept A Meth-Fueled 'Attack Squirrel'

The Hunt Is On For An Alabama Man Who Kept A Meth-Fueled 'Attack Squirrel'

On Monday, officers responded to calls that Mickey Paulk, 35-years-old, was allegedly keeping a squirrel caged up inside his home. Alabama investigators are currently searching Paulk who was found to have been keeping an "attack squirrel" inside his apartment and fed the caged animal methamphetamine to maintain its aggressive behavior towards people.

Pet Squirrel
The 'attack squirrel' Source: LIMESTONE COUNTY SHERIFF

House Search

Limestone County Sheriff’s Office’s Public Information Officer, Stephen Young has since confirmed that the squirrel found in Mickey Paulk’s Athens apartment on Monday morning has now been released back into the wild. Certain things are still uncertain though, such as how it got there in the first place, and of course, why Paulk was allegedly keeping an “attack squirrel” in his apartment.

Young goes on to say that after officers had obtained a search warrant, animal control and narcotics officers searched the home, which is located in the 21000 block of Piney Chapel Road, where they seized several illegal items, including the attack squirrel, meth, drug paraphernalia, ammunition, and body armor. It's needless to say that this is quite a strange set of possessions for anyone. Alabama Game and Fish Division of the Department of Conservation were also contacted after the search to advise on the situation, and they later recommended releasing the squirrel back into the wild, where it belongs.


Alongside the squirrel, Ronnie Reynolds of Ardmore was also found inside the apartment, but Paulk was nowhere to be seen. Reynolds, 37, was taken into custody and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and loitering at a known drug house. He was later released from Limestone County Jail on $4,000 bond, according to Young.

Meanwhile, Paulk could not be found in the area and is still on the run from the police. He is currently facing charges of possession of a controlled substance, certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm and possession of drug paraphernalia, which are all quite serious charges.

Beard Squirrel Moustache
Mickey Paulk (left) and Ronnie Reynolds, Source: LIMESTONE COUNTY SHERIFF

There are many questions that need to be answered, but Paulk is the only one that can. Why would anyone need or even want to keep a meth-crazed attack squirrel in their apartment? It's not only unfair on the squirrel but also anyone who it was set upon. Who knows the havoc is could have caused in the building. The hunt for Paulk will continue and hopefully police, who are working tirelessly round the clock, will catch this peculiar man.

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