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The Incredible Stargate Crop Circle Of Wiltshire And Its Secret Message

The Incredible Stargate Crop Circle Of Wiltshire And Its Secret Message

A small town in Salisbury, Wiltshire in England, with the name of Ansty, became more well-known overnight when a huge crop circle that looked like a Stargate appeared overnight in a field.

Stargate Glyphs Appear On The Outer Ring

The crop circle has strange Stargate like glyphs around the outer ring along with a trifold of flower leaves in the center, with a six-fold symmetrical hexagon behind it and geometrical pattern beyond it.

Ansty Crop Circle Salisbury

In numerology three is, of course, one of the important numbers, as three is the number of the trinity, the number that Pythagoras said was the first male number, with two being the first female number and one the origin of all numbers. It was also said to be the first complete number in linear times, due to the fact that it has a start, middle and an end.

Ansty Salisbury

Around the edge of the crop circle there are 20 glyphs, however, when inspecting them closely they are the same on opposite sides so they have been mirrored, meaning that in fact there are only 10 different glyphs. The number 10 according to Pythagoras represents the cosmos on the whole. It is the beginning, the end, the alpha and omega, 0 to 1, from which everything from and which they return to.

If you add up 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 you get 10, this means that the numbers 1 through 4 are something special and they are important numbers in regard to the creation of all things.

Crop Circles Ansty Salisbury

Intricate Patterns Made With Stalks Bent At Perfect 51 Degrees unbroken

Many people believe that crop circles are made by people using ropes and wood. However, it has been pointed out that the crop circles are made with bent stalks that are at a perfect angle of 51 degrees and they have not been broken.

They appear overnight and are made silently and without any footprints or signs of human life found. The patterns are extremely intricate, and they are said to depict messages that relate to advanced mathematics and science, along with having historical significance.

Of course, it is far easier to just say that it was bored farmers or college students that did it in the middle of the night without any lights and without leaving any evidence behind.

Ansty Crop Circle 2016 Salisbury

The glyphs on this particular crop circle are somewhat similar to the ancient and deciphered Greek hieroglyphs with the name of Linear A.

The crop circle in Wiltshire does stand out as the patterns are very intriguing and delicate along with the fact that the patterns are similar to those around the Stargate. Could this be the first signs of a cosmic portal?

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