The Magic of the pope star Jewish star Anahata sadhana

Past the five pointed star of kitchen witchery , that penultimate of eating the energies if others to subsist spiritually.

Is the hex core, 6 sided star. This is the source of the seethering energy to that Albert Pike spoke of , it was this practice of self developed spirit energy that tore the core of Alester Crowley into a weak and broken mage as he could not give up the one for the other.

The same thing is happening to modern Israel

Jewish Star Of David People

As the semites bring with them the kabbalistic occultism, and charge on Mason's and eastren star to feed on their generation of Babylonian spirit creation.

Come let us see how and why this magic started and how it is perverted . Why is it dangerous

Remember magick are the missed used tools of God.

This thread seeks to show why it is unwise to dabble in daddy's tool box