The Ocean Cleanup Has Begun - Crowd-Funded Project Will Tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Cleanup Has Begun - Crowd-Funded Project Will Tackle Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The governments of the world and international bodies have been very slow to act when it comes to addressing the problem of the extreme pollution and build of waste in the oceans. In the face of such lethargy, independent crowd-funded organizations have taken it upon themselves to roll back the environmental damage caused to the world’s oceans and are optimistic that they will be successful.

One of the leading organizations of this kind is the Ocean Cleanup. This organization has announced that they have raised enough money to tackle the clean up of the so-called ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’. In a statement released by the organization, they explain that this region, located between Hawaii and California, is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world.

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Scientists working for the organization have conducted meticulous analyses of the area and have said that it is possible to clear the plastic waste by utilizing tidal flow to the project’s advantage. The plan is to dispatch an enormous device referred to as the ‘floater’. The floater is constructed using hard-walled pipe made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), an extremely durable and recyclable material.” The floater will be strategically placed alongside the garbage patch and will be used to catch and concentrate the plastic waste which will then be transported for disposal. The tidal waves will be analyzed constantly and used to push the waste into the pipe.

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The Ocean Cleanup expects that this project will be capable of halving the accumulation of plastic waste in this region of the Pacific Ocean in the space of five years. However, even if they are successful the organization stresses that much more must be done in order to protect the world’s oceans. Scientists working on the project have estimated that around 46% of the waste in the garbage patch is comprised of abandoned fishing gear. Perhaps the first step to saving the world’s oceans would involve a reform of the fishing industry to stop the accumulation of this kind of waste from happening ever again.

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