The Secrets Of The CIA Time Travel Program

The Secrets Of The CIA Time Travel Program

Portals and time travel seem impossible. This technology only exists in movies and in video games. No human could make it through time travel alive, even if it was possible, or so we thought.

It is rumored that the CIA has had this ability since 1967.

Michael Relfe, who is a former member of the armed forces, was an informant of this information. He was a part of the program, he claims. The other informant wishes to remain unnamed.

CIA Time Travel

Relfe claims that he was a part of a mission through time and space to start two human colonies on mars. In order to keep these colonies obscure, they crafted them in the future.

He was not able to do many missions because the travel has a tendency to scramble brain wave patterns and cause insanity in adults. For this reason, the CIA for the last few decades has sought out extraordinarily bright children to do these missions.

They want children for a few reasons. First, society has not made an imprint on them. They will be easily brainwashed and will be good listeners. Second, they have not had the time to solidify many neuropathways. Scientists on the project believe that this protects them from the brain wave scramble that causes insanity in adults.

There is some proof that time travel has existed. Some believe this is what is causing presidents in recent careers to essentially be puppets. Time travelers have been said to have visited George W. Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama long before they were president.

Sources say that these men were sat down individually and told that they were going to become president. Some believe that these time travelers then groomed them to be the type of president that the higher powers needed. No one truly believes that the President has any say about anything anyway.

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