The Singularity: In 2047 Computers Will Have An IQ of 10,000+

The Singularity: In 2047 Computers Will Have An IQ of 10,000+

Masayoshi Son, CEO Softbank Robotics, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has predicted that in merely 30 years from now, artificial intelligence in all the machines will exceed human intelligence which may cause a singularity.

Singularity, the rise of Artificial Intelligence by 2047

By 2047, the IQ of a single computer chip will be 10,000 which is greater than the most intelligent people in the world. That would be the time when artificial intelligence will be able to survive on its own controlling all of the smart technology around the world. Humanity has to find its role in the world to exist either as a partner to artificial super-intelligence or on its own.

In thirty years from now, our shoes that we step on will have one of the chips which will be smarter than our brain. Son thinks that superintelligence will be our partner in our daily lives making it even better.

Mobile World Congress Technological Singularity

The great genius human beings have only an IQ of about 200, whereas the computer chips will be super-intelligent thirty years from now with an IQ of 10,000. The superintelligence of computer is beyond human imagination, which will become a reality in just 30 years.

The basis of this prediction solely bases on the number of neurons and the transistors. Son points out that both systems i.e. Our brain and computer are binary and work by turning on and off. Within a year or so that is by 2018 the number of transistors will surpass the number of neurons in the brain, he predicted.

Human beings are affected by continuous development and mutation to change hence the number of neurons is same for the last 4,000 years. But in the case of computers, the number of transistors is increasing rapidly. So, there will be million times more transistors in the next 30 years. Son, thinks more binary systems make computer smarter than us.

Kurzweil, director of Engineering, Google and futurist also predicts in the same manner. He has been criticized on his expectation of the singularity around 2045. Some of his predictions have been nearly on line with technological advancement.

Elon Musk is believed to be working on neural lace to prepare for singularity. On the other hand Son is developing A.I. With the $100 billion fund to back technology companies developing A.I through Softbank Vision fund.

Son has recently acquired ARM, a microchip design company in $32 Billion to better study what will happen in the advancement of computer chips.

The superintelligence mixed with moving robots will dramatically change our lives with custom robots having custom skills. With increase in number of devices connected to the internet, the super-intelligent will surely surpass the human population in 30 years as well.

The primarily so called an annual meeting for the smartphone industry has expanded beyond that in recent years due to cutting-edge technology. So, be ready to live with super-intelligent machines.

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