Aliens & UFOs

The Skinwalker Ranch Trailer

This is a trailer of the movie Skinwalker Ranch. The movie is based on actual events which occurred here. This ranch is located in Northern Utah and is owned by a businessman named Bob Bigelow. This place is weird due to the fact that many paranormal incidents with UFO activities occurred here, the local residents saw black triangles in the sky, strange creatures and animal mutilations to name a few. This has been going on for hundreds of years and the local Indians consider this place to be cursed and do not venture near it. It seems that this ranch was a favourite place for aliens who used to visit it often to abduct humans and do experiments on livestock. With many reported incidents of abductions around the world, it is evidence that extra-terrestrials do use humans as subjects of their experiments and the authorities are aware of this but prefers to stay mum as they might have signed a contract with the aliens.

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