The Talus Garland Effect and Water from Air

The Talus Garland Effect and Water from Air

How to get Water from the Air? By using proven technologies used centuries ago by our ancestors - the technology of Air Well. The expensive way to have this technology is to buy commercial water condensers. The cheap way to have this technology is to build it ourselves for next to nothing in investment terms.....especially if you are blessed with garden space and sloped terrain (@Brendace). Further below in the post city-folks will find home-applications for those who have limited space.

Ancients were doing it ....

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In the link you will find the original 1933 news article on Knapen's Air Well technology.

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In short this technology relies on the movement of air over the rocks. When the warm daily air hits the rocks that were cooled by the night, condensation occurs and water drips from the rocks into the ground directly below the rocks, or to where it gets collected at the bottom of the Knapen's well. Our ancestors used this process in gardening, but the process can also be used to collect drinkable water.

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There are folks using this effect in their backyard gardens, even the small scale garden application of rubble terraced walls has benefits ....

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... amongst many benefits the user stated:

- they collect water and channel it to the plants below them,

- the provide a microclimate to get seeds established in very exposed areas,

- they hold heat in winter and cool in summer, moderating temperature,

- they crate habitat for all sorts of lizards, toads and bugs.

This same principle of collecting water from the air was also used in Neolithic dew-ponds....

...example pictured below ....


If you are not into moving rockshehe, even a sheet of clear wrap foil wrapped around two poles can be used to collect water...

If the water supply in your town is not up to standard you can produce clean condensed water in apartment settings. With some DIY and cheap parts anybody can build a working contraption. The most expensive part will be the copper tubing but the other parts (aquarium water pomp/portable cooling element/pvc tubing) can be had for next to nothing ...don't forget to add a pinch of Himalayan salt to your condensed water to remineralize it. For those who know about water nice to your water while producing it ....

Here is a good read, in this pdf there are tips on how to increase the efficiency of Talus Garland effect.

Cheers cheers, enjoy.

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