The True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment

The True Story Of The Philadelphia Experiment

In July of 1943 the US Navy, along with Dr. Franklin Reno conducted a test on the Navy Destroyer, USS Eldridge called the Philadelphia Experiment.

The experiment, based on Albert Einstein's theory of relativity was an attempt to make the ship virtually invisible to any enemy radar and immune to magnetic mines.

In July 1943 a bizarre chain of events took place...

Experimentul Philadelphia Experiment

The ship was set up with two generators, magnetic coils and amplifiers allowing it to create a synchronized electromagnetic field that in theory would divert radio and light waves around the ship making the Navy Destroyer invisible to the enemy. Had the test been successful it would have created the ultimate weapon, in the middle of wartime.

However, the botched experiment turned out to be more catastrophic than anyone could have imagined.

On July 22nd, when the experiment had begun, and the generators were switched on an unexpected and bizarre chain of events took place. Witnesses claim the water surrounding the ship began to bubble and produced a hazy green fog that engulfed the entire ship, within seconds the ship not only disappeared from radar but also from plain sight.

The Eldridge has spotted 600 km away at a Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia for a few short minutes before returning to its original coordinates in Philadelphia. While the test did render the ship invisible to radar, it left the crew with devastating side effects.

Bodies of the crew members embedded into the metal

Philadelphia Experiment Time Travel

Witnesses claim that the experiment left bodies of the crew members embedded into the metal of the railings and decks on the ship, some men caught fire and some simply vanished. The remaining members of the crew were left physically and mentally ill, disoriented and seeming to fade in and out of reality.

After the team of US and German scientists saw the horrific consequences of their experiment, all further research into radar invisibility was canceled. The surviving members of the crew were discharged and labeled mentally unfit for duty, and some even believe the Navy used brainwashing to keep the men quiet about their experience.

US Navy still denies the top-secret failed operation

To this day the US Navy still denies the experiments ever took place and destroyed all records of the Eldridge even being in Philadelphia at the time. However, witnesses and a few surviving crew members stick strongly behind their version of the horrific events.

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