The Truth About Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long

The Truth About Why Indians Keep Their Hair Long

Hair is one of the most natural growths that occur on just about anyone and anything. It grows in a variety of ways, such as straight, wavy and curly. Hair is used in ways that many people do not realize. Hair is not only there to provide methods of new hairdos and ways to impress people they are interested in. Hair is also a very useful method of staying warm.

Many animals in the world use hair in order to stay warm, such as bears. The luxury of hair is that there is no discrimination against it. People are free to express themselves through naturally grown hair or even fake hair like wigs, extensions or weaves.

The Truth About Long Hair

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The usage of hair has revolutionized over time. It seemingly fluctuated over time. During different eras and genres, men typically kept their hair long and then other periods men have kept their hair relatively short. In the 21st century, men now spend as much time as a woman when it comes to styling products and making their hair look nice.

Major League Baseball player, Bryce Harper spends as much as an hour a day styling his hair. Men have also readopted having long hair ago. It is figured that long hair simply just wants and based on the desire of the individual, however, research may have a much deeper story regarding long hair.

During the times of the Vietnam War, long hair took on an entirely different meaning. During the war, it was actually believed that they would intentionally seek out men who were young but had long hair because they were allegedly capable of secret talents that men with short hair were completely incapable of.

Ancient Indian Long Hair Care Tradition

Some people reported that they were denied access to joining the arm forces, because of their long hair and therefore could not sense the enemy like those soldiers who did fight while rocking their long hair. Essentially, it was believed that long hair provided a sixth sense to those who kept it and had a larger advantage of the enemy during their time in the war.

Why Native Americans Keep Their Hair Long

  • They believe the hair is an extension of the soul.
  • They believe hair should be cut only once, and this is during the child’s first birthday. This is a tradition that the Navajo people follow.
  • They believe hair is a symbol of physical strength and masculinity.
  • They believe when a person cuts his hair, he loses a small part of his relationship with himself.
  • They believe braiding the hair is a way of having a union with the infinite.
  • They believe allowing the hair to flow freely signifies a free course of life.

This theory was tested and they would look to see whether long-haired men were, in fact, more advantaged than men with short hair. In this test, they would have a man sleeping who had long hair and would see, whether he be awoken after something unsuspectingly came up and tried to attack him.

Under these conditions, the man who was sleeping was in fact not sleeping at all as he had sensed him coming so he was baiting the individual to come closer so he could kill him and succeeded in doing so. The young men were incapable of this sensing, so they ultimately ended up meeting their doom in this scenario.

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Research shows that hair is a large component of the nervous system and actually produces and contains energy. When people with short hair send signals throughout the brain, it is believed that the transmitting of a pattern is actually heavily hampered. In the Bible, it was commonly known that Samson lost his abilities, due to the fact that he had lost his hair. This is proving to be the case now and may, in fact, lead to more men wearing long hair for the first time ever.

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