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The VIMANAS: Ancient Civilization Of India Had Access To Flying Machines

The VIMANAS: Ancient Civilization Of India Had Access To Flying Machines

It is possible that human ancestors had the ability to fly long before the Wright brothers were even thought of in so called Vimanas.

There is lore from India that speaks of a thing called a Vimana. A Vimana is a flying craft, according to lore, that the Gods of this part of India worshiped.

Vimanas the ancient flying machines of India

In ancient texts, these Vimana’s are described in a few different ways, alluding to a verity of models. In ancient text, these machines are mentioned forty-one times. They are said to have engaged in incredible battles, and many of the stories make it sound like these vehicles resemble modern day jet planes. These planes could not possibly exist thousands of years ago, however, or so it was once thought.

Some of the texts go as far as explaining how to build these machines for the gods. Listed in materials, there are sixteen metals used. Only three of these metals exist on earth.

This is all clear proof that these Vimanas were space crafts. They were far above the times on Earth, and they were fast and mysterious to the ancient people. It is no doubt that the gods worshiped were aliens. If aliens descended in “magical” ships of mystical metals, with incredible intelligence and technology, there is no doubt that humans of the time would have treated them as gods.

This is not the only text that speaks of Vimanas and what we now call flying saucers. Many researchers believe that there are many more texts about these UFOs that have not yet been translated.

It is curious that the gods that are worshipped in almost all religions around the world come from the sky, usually in a large beam of light. Most even mention the sound of the God descending as being disorienting. It is possible that all religions are based on extraterrestrial life.

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