The world shakes as two deadly volcanoes EXPLODE at the same time

The world shakes as two deadly volcanoes EXPLODE at the same time

Two volcanoes that sit along the Philippine Plate may be thousands of miles apart, but that has not stopped them from exploding at the same time, causing many to start worrying that this could be the sign of impending doom. Many are fearing that this is the result of the plates shifting and that tsunamis and other disastrous events could follow.

Deadliest volcanos explode

People have been evacuated form an area just under 2 miles in radius around Mount Egon in Kupang, eastern Indonesia. Then happened the eruption of Zhupanovsky on Russia's eastern coast. Ash from this spread 5 miles into the air.

One of the problems in both places is the spreading of the ash and fumes. It is now known that the people who lived in Pompeii thousands of years ago were not killed off because of molten lava but rather were suffocated under a thick blanket of ash after Mount Vesuvius erupted. This ash could spread, across the oceans, and land in areas not linked to these volcanoes. Any ash cloud carries a risk of causing health problems for the people breathing it in.

If the situation gets worse, the people living in all areas surrounding Mount Egon are likely to be evacuated, as a precaution.

A spokesman for the institute said: "Today at around 4.30pm [3.30 am GMT), the Zhupanovsky volcano spewed ash to the height of up to five miles above sea level. At the moment, the ash cloud has spread 12 miles, and it continues moving towards the ocean."

So is this a worry for many? It turns out that these two volcanoes have been classed as one of the ten most dangerous that are known about. They are still active and despite this, people still climb them. Could it be that this is just an awful coincidence and actually, nothing bad will come out of it at all?

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