These Are The Last Three Countries Without A Rothschild Central Bank

These Are The Last Three Countries Without A Rothschild Central Bank

To what extent do bankers possess power over governments? Is the world controlled by the often elected officials who are said to control it, or do businessmen, especially bankers, rule the world?

The Rothschild family is obviously extremely rich and powerful, and they would certainly not claim otherwise. Some people, however, says that their wealth and power greatly exceeds what it is commonly believed to be. They are said to have trillions rather than billions of dollars. Do they have the power to significantly influence state decisions?

Cuba, North Korea, and Iran

One fact that strongly suggests that the Rothchilds wield power over governments is the fact that countries which do not have a central bank owned by the Rothschilds are antagonized by the United States. In the early 2000s, only five countries possessed a central bank that was not owned by the Rothchilds.

These were Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Libya, and Cuba - all of them considered dangerous rogue states. The Rothschilds had a central bank in every other country in the world by then.

Nowadays, only three countries do not have central banks owned by the Rothschilds - Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. These countries are under economic sanctions. Do the Rothschilds have the power to economically and even militarily punish those who have independent central banks? The evidence is not necessarily conclusive, but the United States does have plenty of animosity towards the few countries that keep their central banks out of foreign control.

Another piece of evidence in favor of the Rothchilds possessing excessive power is their link to the United States federal reserve. The federal reserve is much more independent from the government than one might believe. The federal reserve has the power to print money, sell it to the American government, and in this way, reduce the value of the dollar and put the country in debt. Some certainly doubt that the Rothschilds have the power to cause wars. But, large banks are dangerous. That cannot be doubted. One can only argue about te extent to which they do harm to society.


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