This School Replaces Homework With Acts Of Kindness In December

This School Replaces Homework With Acts Of Kindness In December

As part of an effort to spread the true meaning of Christmas, a primary school in County Cork has decided to ditch all homework for the entire month of December, replacing it instead with 'acts of kindness'.

Rather than spending the winter nights trying to learn times tables or writing a book report, the schoolchildren in Clonakilty's Gaelscoil Mhichíl Uí Choileáin, will be performing acts of kindness for friends, family and the community, making it more enjoyable for themselves, while also helping out.

Christmas Tradition

Leaving the homework behind is starting to become a bit of a Christmas tradition for this school. This is now the third year in a row where the school has replaced homework with something unique; last year it was gratitude, where the children and their families recorded all the things they were grateful for in a Gratitude Diary. Now this year, the children are asked to record their acts of kindness, either in writing or pictures, in their Kindness Diary.

Small Acts

So, what are some of the things that will be done? Well, the school does offer a few suggestions for those kids who are struggling for ideas. They include doing something nice for an elderly neighbor or performing an act of kindness for a relative or friend who may be feeling lonely, but as long as it brightens someone's day, the act can be anything they want.

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If this new initiative wasn't already kind enough, the school has also made it possible for children to write kind notes about each other to raise everyone's self-esteem, which are read out at assembly each Friday - such a small act of kindness can have such a profound impact. To top it all off though, each class will come together and produce with a class-wide project which can help the community during the Christmas seasons.

The Idea

The idea behind this Kindness initiative was explained by Vice Principal Íde Ní Mhuirí. She said that they are trying to encourage their pupils to think of the real spirit of Christmas, the spirit of kindness and giving. It's a sad, yet still true statement that not everyone is in a position to be able to enjoy Christmas, some are lonely, some are sad, some might yearn for what they do not have and some might simply not enjoy the festivities. However, they believe there's not a single person who wouldn't benefit from an act of kindness, which costs nothing!

If only every school did this for one month of the year, the world would be a much happier place. People think that only the selected few can make a difference in the world but the truth is, it only takes a few moments and anyone can do it! Even the smallest random acts of kindness can put a smile on someone's face. Something as little as buying someone a coffee or giving them a compliment can make a world of difference. This Irish school has the right idea and now we just need everyone else to follow!


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