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Trucker Seeks Answers After Wife Commits Suicide After Being Abducted By Aliens

Trucker Seeks Answers After Wife Commits Suicide After Being Abducted By Aliens

Attending a recent UFO convention at Las Vegas, UFO researcher Stan Hernandez got more than he bargained for when he heeded the sad, tragic and harrowing tale of a family whose lives were literally destroyed by an alien abduction.

Hernandez was conversing with Russel Tetrault, another UFO investigator who is part of the Baltic Sea UFO Research Team who was there for the event, at the hotel lobby. Out of the corner of his eye, Hernandez noticed a man quietly observing them, and listening to their conversation. The man seemed torn between approaching them, and keeping to himself. Mustering what will he had left, he finally decided to speak to Hernandez about an issue that had long been a canker in his heart.

Scott Murray

The man was non-other than Scott Murray, a 48-year-old long-haul trucker who believes that his late wife had been kidnapped by extra-terrestrials. The experience had apparently left her so torn and horrified that she finally succumbed to despair and committed suicide.

Needless to say, it was an event that left a scar in both his life and family. He tearfully approached Hernandez in the hope of finding answers to vindicate his late wife. Hernandez decided to tell Murray's story to the world in an effort to seek answers from the collective public.

Scott Murray and his late wife, Elizabeth, had three children, all of whom are already leading their own lives and families outside the house. He had been a truck driver since he was a young adult at 22 years old and thoroughly enjoyed his job, except for the fact that at times he had to be away from his family.

Murray would sometimes let his family tag along for the rides until additional company rules kicked in and he was no longer allowed to do that anymore.

The Day It Happened

Murray had been away on his job at Michigan when his wife contacted him. She was in a state of panic when she called him. Elizabeth had difficulty expressing her emotions at that time and was under the belief that she had been under the influence of drugs and was the possible victim of rape.

Insisting that his wife immediately contact the police, even though she refused to, Murray turned made a quick journey home. When he got to her, Elizabeth was a total wreck and constantly told him that alien may have abducted and raped her. At that point of time, Murray thought that her wife was harbouring illusions as she was in a state of distress.

He took her to the Emergency Room and after careful analysis, there were no signs of rape on her although there was an odd burn on her right shoulder. Murray put the matter behind, assuming that his wife was just a victim of a nightmarish dream. He took precautions, however, and called his boss to take a week off to accompany her. That was the point where things got more mysterious.

The Backyard Mystery

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One morning, Murray was mowing the lawn when he noticed four large circular burn marks in his backyard, where the grass was all charred. The grass was so thoroughly burnt that it turned to powder when he tried to pick them up. Furthermore, a small burn mark was also found on the wooden stockade fence.

He looked up at the tree and to his horror found that the leaves were charred too. Speaking of what he had felt that time, Murray mentioned that it seemed as if a ball of fire had fallen from the sky and singed his tree, and later bounced all over his backyard and creating burn marks.

The closest neighbour lived 2 miles away and would not be a possible witness to what could have happened in his backyard.

The Harrowing Experience

Murray and his wife decided that she would go through hypnotic regression. She recalled being abducted onto a ship in the backyard, where the burn marks were present.

On the ship, the aliens performed intrusive and humiliating experiments on her. By the time they were done, her will was already broken. She descended further into despair during Murray's week off, and finally succumbed to despair and committed suicide.

The words came out hard from Murray as he remembered giving her a gun for her personal protection when he was not around. Little did he expect that she would later put a bullet in herself.

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Seeking Answers

Murray had gone around telling his tale, seeking possible answers. He had finally decided to approach Hernandez due to his extensive experience in working with UFO abduction victims. The hypnotic regression provided little answers as many do not believe in its efficacy.

He sent the burnt grass to a college for studies. The answers he received only led to more questions. They said that the signs were of radiation burns, but there was no evidence in the samples of radiation burns. In other words, even the college scientists were befuddled.

Falling into depression after Elizabeth's passing, Murray had been seeking answers to honour her memory and to not let her death be in vain.

Hernandez made his own enquiries to the college and in a phone conversation, the college claimed to have never received any evidence from the alleged landing site, nor are they interested in obtaining samples.

With only the burnt grass and wood as the only evidence available from the event, a question is posed to the public and the reader of this article. Where else can Scott Murray send his samples for detailed analysis so that he could receive answers without facing any denial?

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