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Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific?

Twin Ancient Cultures On Opposite Sides Of The Pacific?

While looking into some different bits and pieces from about the place, I found some really interesting stuff...

Establishment scholars say the Maya and Balinese were never in contact, since they were separated by the Pacific Ocean

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which these scholars say was impassible by the ancients. Yet these scholars never offer to explain the profound parallels the two cultures shared...Below are some images of some clearly uncanny coincidences, remembering these cultures are said not to have met...

Museo Nacional De Antropologa Egyptian Pyramids History

Honduras Monkey God History

Ufos In Ancient Civilizations History Civilization

Elefante Maya Peoples Civilization

Some other eerily similar things...Peru

Tiwanaku Kalasasaya Pumapunku

Easter Island...

Moai Ahu Tongariki


Statue Bada Valley Gbekli Tepe

I don’t think the oceans where as prohibitive to ancient cultures as were told...that or coincidences ran riot back then hehe

Cheers guys cheers

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