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UFO Cover-Up And Secrets Hidden By The Government

The authorities have been secrets that they know about the UFOs and aliens from the population for all these years. They have done a cover up on the Roswell incident and took the crashed UFO and its inhabitants to their secret base to do research on them. In fact, a book is have said to exist called as "America's book of secrets" about which only a selected few have the knowledge about like the Illuminati. This is a highly guarded book. Evidence from our historical past clearly indicates that the aliens came to visit earth and were revered as Gods, they travelled via flying chariots and used advanced weapons. The magnificent pyramids and structures like Stone Henge point out to an alien technology. The presence of structures on the moon and UFO flying over its surface is a clear indication of a presence of an alien civilisation. The government of USA knows a lot about these aliens and have preferred to keep it as a secret in order to misguide the population on earth and keep them ignorant.

Watch UFO Cover-Up and Secrets hidden by the Government [Documentary]

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