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UFO-News.Skies turning blood red

Another week of quarantine passes us by, these recent events have made it feel like we are seeing the end times adding to the ominous feeling which many are the strange global occurrences of Skies turning blood red above many places on the planet.

A lot of countries have been reporting other worldly, colors in the sky.

So maybe the old saying of

“Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning”

Should it be heeded?

Let’s head over to Stockholm Sweden and a strange event which saw the sky in central Stockholm glowing red Just before the stroke of midnight. This unexplained phenomena appeared suddenly and then disappeared just as quickly.

Stockholm police gave an announcement trying to explain the strange event, they claimed that there were a large number of Bengali fires what were lit at the same time on the Västerbron.

Bengals are flare candles mainly used to achieve indirect pyrotechnic lighting of surfaces or buildings, Västerbron is an arch bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm Police said that using these flares is a violation of the Ordinance Act but this didn’t stop a claimed 30 individuals at Västerbron lighting the bridge using Bengals.

They were said to be doing this as an anniversary tribute to the deceased footballer Ivan Turina who died on May 2, 2013.

Many doubt this to be the real cause. The event was seen over much of the Stockholm and one witness described what she had seen.saying:

The sky was deep red, It was so strange, five minutes to twelve the sky became clear and then it disappeared quickly, Maybe it was only for 30 seconds.

She went on to tell that she didn't smell anything like you would if there was a large fire and that she hadn’t heard any bangs or explosions. She said that she watched the strange red sky through open windows and did not notice anything other than the odd colored night sky.

The fire service in Stockholm responded to alarms raised by concerned people who thought this was a sign of large blaze. Responding to the alarms they found nothing, said Tony Frank in a press release from the commanding officer at RC Mitt.

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