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UK: health passports 'possible in months'

UK: health passports 'possible in months'

I think this article speaks for itself, the Gov is helping us, good friend government, I need to get out my little flag on a stick and join with other thumb sucking pinheads outside no 10 and wave my monkey paw in gratitude.

Tech firms are in talks with ministers about creating health passports to help Britons return safely to work using coronavirus testing and facial recognition.

The UK-based firm Onfido, which specialises in verifying people’s identities using facial biometrics, has delivered detailed plans to the government and is involved in a number of conversations about what could be rolled out across the country, it is understood.

Its proposals, which have reached pilot stages in other countries, could be executed within months, it says. The firm could use antibody tests – proving whether someone has had the virus – or antigen tests, which show current infections.