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Underwater Structure Or Alien Base Found By UFO Researcher On Google Earth

Underwater Structure Or Alien Base Found By UFO Researcher On Google Earth

Scott Warning was on the internet, browsing through google earth when he spotted the most unusual thing that has left questions in his mind. Waring says, “The massive walls seem to go for about 50 miles, but long ways are about 250 miles. Sure these anomalies could be an ancient Asian civilization that sank under the ocean long ago, but it also could be an underwater alien base. Its size and location would insure millions could use it and since its in such a secluded area, few humans will ever see their UFOs leaving/entering the water.”

Alien base found underwater?

It has been spotted in the locality of Guam and Saipan Islands which are just north of Australia. It is all speculation at the moment. There is no research and investigations to either confirm or deny the origins of the trenches being an alien basis.

Indeed they are there however and are clear to see in the picture. Trenches that run deep in the ocean are difficult, if not impossible, to pick out by ships and other sea vessels whilst they are in their normal day to day workings, however, the beauty of google earth is that it can see things that the human eye at surface level cannot. It has picked out the details of these trenches from hundreds of metres up in the sky and as such gives a spectacular and detailed view of the cavernous cuts in the earth. The cuts do seem to be following some linear pattern. They are not random, jagged marks such as what you would expect from the marks left by the earth’s plates, but more like purpose built trenches that follow straight lines and right angles. It seems dubious that these have been created by a random act in nature’s history in my opinion.

Date of reported: April 28, 2014

Location of discovery: Near Guam and Saipan Islands.

Coordinates: Not needed to find it.

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