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U.S. Defense Whistleblower Reveals What’s Really Happening On The Moon

U.S. Defense Whistleblower Reveals What’s Really Happening On The Moon

When it comes to talking about space travel, it is fair to say that there are a ton of different conspiracies and theories that the average human could get into.

This is often because government agencies and entities such as NASA and those near them have had a long history of lying or being anything but transparent when it comes to talking about events that have happened outside of the Earth.

There have been theories stating that the whole famous event of the United States sending a man to the moon before the Soviets was actually a hoax and never actually happened. It is for the most part been confirmed that the John Glenn moment of him singing and walking on the moon did, in fact, happen, however the reason for this theory is because of the history that has been provided about the lack of transparency on the end of government. For some odd reason, they have continuously felt the need to hide the truth from the public. This leads to the recent news release that a US defense physicist has opened up about the United States space travel involvement.

It has been presented that the United States has been sending astronauts into orbit in order to investigate the unique atmosphere of space and reporting whatever they have seen. However, there is apparently much more that has been happening in space beside report. This US physicist has indicated that they are building a base on the moon. However, they have been keeping this secret. Those involved have essentially been told to do whatever their job is, however, keep it underground and do not say anything about the matter at hand. The Physicist has also indicated that he has looked at the photos taken of the moon and says that there are some clear sightings that prove that some of the things that are appearing within the picture are artificial and could not have possibly been there before the trips to the moon. This directly hints at the idea that the United States has been building something or some things that the average person would not be able to point out unless they had the educational background to notice artificial monuments and natural textures seen in the photo.

The Physicist goes on by saying that he spoke with retired Army and U.S. Generals and they asked him questions about what he thinks about aliens and extraterrestrial beings on Earth. However, the format of their questions indicated that they already exist and have existed on the Earth. This creates and opens an entirely different can of worms. This alludes to the possibility that the United States has been receiving contact from other entities such as aliens when they go to the moon and build these bases.

This is groundbreaking news and leads to the question of whether NASA and other government entities will come out and release the truth about these aliens and bases seen by the physicist. They must be help responsible for withholding he truth for so long.

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