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US Physicists Say 'Tic-Tac UFO' Can Cover Interstellar Distances

US Physicists Say 'Tic-Tac UFO' Can Cover Interstellar Distances

A study by physicists and scientists from the University of Albany and the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies has examined the flight characteristics of the so-called Tic-Tac UFOs:

Estimated accelerations range from almost 100g to 1000s of gs with no observed air disturbance, no sonic booms, and no evidence of excessive heat commensurate with even the minimal estimated energies. In accordance with observations, the estimated parameters describing the behavior of these craft are both anomalous and surprising.

As a basis, known video/data recordings, as well as testimonies of the pilots, were used. The study believes it is likely that the UAPs are far advanced vehicles:

The extreme estimated flight characteristics reveal that these observations are either fabricated or seriously in error, or that these craft exhibit technology far more advanced than any known craft on Earth.

The observed flight maneuvers also suggest that these vehicles would be capable of covering interstellar distances in a short time:

The observed flight characteristics of these craft are consistent with the flight characteristics required for interstellar travel, i.e., if these observed accelerations were sustainable in space, then these craft could easily reach relativistic speeds within a matter of minutes to hours and cover interstellar distances in a matter of days to weeks, proper time.

Due to the credibility of the witnesses and the technology used to document these encounters, the scientists do not believe that these encounters are measurement errors or fabricated data:

The number and quality of witnesses, the variety of roles they played in the encounters, and the equipment used to track and record the craft favor the latter hypothesis that these are indeed technologically advanced craft.

If it is man-made technology, are we already able to travel through the galaxy?


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