Vaccine or Eugenics? Whistleblower : New covid vaccine causes sterility!

Although I cant corroborate this is a different take on the dangers of new/untested vaccines being pushed on the unsuspecting public. If you are thinking about getting a vaccine please watch this 1st. We all know that Bill (Hells)Gates has postulated about reducing the Human Race through the use of vaccines.

English vaccine whistle-blower from Glaxo Smith Kline: New vaccine could well cause sterility in 97% of women... While also affecting men's sexual organs too... (Clear medical explanation)... Delayed reaction until 7-10 yrs later...

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I have also noticed lots of exceptions from liability, with the big pharmaceutical companies.

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Also U.K has already started buying millions of vaccines.

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I will not have one...never ! The Nuremberg treaty clearly states it shall be voluntary.

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Worrying times...

If you don`t know much about vaccines, then check out an older post that I did . cheers