Virginia dad fires 39 shots at naked 'devil' who broke into family's new home

Virginia dad fires 39 shots at naked 'devil' who broke into family's new home

It was on the cusp of dusk, on what many would have deemed an ordinary fourth of July, except for one Virginia Family where it was everything but that.

While many were out celebrating and anticipating the fireworks, a naked woman invaded the family's newly-bought home.

According to WRIC reports, the assailant refused to leave upon entering the premises. "I'm the devil ", she insisted to the family, just seconds after she was met with 39 warning shots by the father of the family.

Reportedly, a heated confrontation then ensued between the "Naked Devil" and the family. According to reports, furniture was thrown and their 12-year-old joined in on the action; tagging himself in on what many would consider a "WWE Main Event ". The twelve-year-old's involvement proved to be critical in the end, as he managed to land a vital blow to the Naked Devil's neck using a wrench.

At the end of the bout, the father reported that the "Naked Devil's" strength comparable was to four men. The home invader and the father were hospitalized as a result of injuries deemed non-life threatening, according to police reports. Both the father and the Naked Devil identities were kept confidential.

Due to the damages incurred during the violent dispute, a Gofundme page was created to cover cost and expenses. Photos from the scene depicted bullet-riddled walls and red-tinged floors, illustrating the aftermath of what had taken place earlier. "First night in our beautiful home when an intruder decides to enter our home and tries to take our life one at a time, "cited the Victims' Gofundme page.

The police have stated that once released from hospitalization, the perpetrator is expected to face a host of charges relating to the incident.

The 4th of July would have been a joy-filled experience for many across the US. But for one family in Virginia, the "Naked Devil "decided it wasn't to be. The family now devastated as a result of the home invasion desperately stated, "We have lost our home we have lost furniture We have lost it all."