Was this a final goodbye speech by the Queen?

Was this a final goodbye speech by the Queen?

This speech was edited apparently by the BBC, but it clearly stated that the troubled Queen said “She knew too much” and the Royal family did what was necessary to ensure their own survival.

“I hope you enjoy your last Christmas” She expressed fears that this would be the last Christmas on earth as there are forces stalking across Europe which is much stronger than her own. This was like a bombshell coming from Her Majesty’s mouth, and obviously, there was a commotion and the take was cancelled and a second take was done which was the “normal” Christmas message. In another place of the world, the Pope had also expressed the same feeling that this (i.e. 2015) would be the last Christmas that will be celebrated. What would a person infer from this?

Why would somebody an important social figure would blurt this out? What does the Queen and the Pope know that the normal population don’t? This raises some eyebrows on the fact that an impeding catastrophe is coming, and these people know that it is coming. Some may speculate that it is the World War 3 that will start or is it some natural catastrophe.

Is she pointing towards some catastrophe like a comet strike on Earth or is it the planet Nibiru which will create havoc on Earth? The conspiracy theories already point out that the people who control these planet earth are entities from different galaxy who have shape shifted into human form and have been controlling us for a long time.

They are considered to be of a reptilian race, and it seems that even this reptilian race cannot stop this catastrophe, and hence an advanced warning is given to mankind. Believe it nor not but it certainly seems eerie that someone with such an important position would blurt such things out.

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