Weird Sky Sounds over Kent, England

Weird Sky Sounds over Kent, England

What are these weird sounds coming from the sky? Do they herald some apocalypse or coming saviour for humanity? I'm unsure. However; a far cry from my UFO and ghost images - today I experienced first hand the strangest sounds I have ever heard coming from the sky and to be honest as a seasoned investigator of all things that go bump in the night - I'm at a loss to explain it.

As an avid World of Warcraft fan, I decided to take today as a rest day and spend some time with my family. After playing for a bit at 14:00 pm GMT I went to use the loo and with the little window open I could hear what a good friend from Holland had described over two years before.

The only way I can attempt to explain it - it's like huge metal structures vibrating. Yeah, I know there's going to be some comment on the coming of days blah blah blah, but logically speaking I don't really buy the whole electromagnetic field vibrating theory. This was weird guys and sounded so spooky. It made me feel creeped out on a level I haven't experienced before; I called out to my family to go out the back garden and they heard the same thing as it slowly faded away.

It wasn't any particular direction and faded just as quickly as it appeared. No guy this was NOT the wind...this was creepy!

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