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Whistleblower Emery Smith about underground bases, aliens und UFOs

Whistleblower Emery Smith about underground bases, aliens und UFOs

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Whistleblower Emery Smith reported on UFOs, aliens, chemtrails, genetic manipulation, clones, robots and more at the June 1-4 conference in Indian Wells, California, called "Contact in the Desert." Operations carried out in secret bases underground. This information provides a bright future and brings forward positive future events around the world ...

Emery was based on the Air Force Base (KAFB) in New Mexico and worked in the medical department as a surgeon and biologist. After work, he was invited to do extraordinary tissue analysis. After pledging, he initially received normal organs to analyze, but weeks later he noticed that the delivery of other organs had changed. Not asking further and passing on his analysis, he was given a higher level of security, noting that the next tissue samples apparently came from nonhuman beings.

After his transfer to another base at Los Alamos and in the meantime in Sandia Labs he was allowed to recognize that there had been created huge underground areas in 50 to 300 m depth. Over time, he realized that he worked the rest of the time almost exclusively on extraterrestrial tissue and body parts. From one lab to another, he came across a kind of underground transport system that connects many underground bases. He was able to travel quickly and conveniently between the bases Area 51, Los Alamos, Denver Airport, Dulce, Mountainair New Mexico, Kirtland and many more.

Emery was also shown an alien spaceship that was apparently organic. It had the same DNA as a particular alien race that he personally studied. He was able to clearly determine this when taking samples. He also reported on a gigantic hangar that could easily have taken in half a dozen jumbo jets. On other occasions, he was confronted with a vaccine administered to him and almost immediately granted him the opportunity to perform interdimensional aliens. He explained that these aliens are perfectly capable of altering their shape and moving around unnoticed among humans. To perceive these interdimensional ones, it would be necessary to vibrate with his mind at a very similar frequency, otherwise, they would remain invisible. The said vaccine increases the personal frequency and makes the perception possible. This vaccine or administration of a specific drug was required for him to be able to work on the interdimensional aliens surgically. Later, this drug was converted to a gel, with which one smeared the back of the hand. This facilitated the handling.

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According to Emery's descriptions, one sees twice after the "vaccination". For this purpose, perceptions from the astral or interdimensional level are established. Likewise, then acoustic and other visual impressions are registered. At the conference, he added that he invented some remedies to cure people within weeks, even in the case of deadly diseases. However, Emery said that technologies that enable rapid healing in the world's population would be more heavily punished than anything about aliens and UFOs. The pharmaceutical industry is operating too big a billion dollar business that it does not want to get ripped off the hands. From predictions of the future, based on information obtained in the Bases, he reported that global warming was increasingly uncovering the Antarctic and soon discovered a huge mothership. Anyone with drones in their area should be able to see the mothership already. He also mentioned that the well-known vaccines of the pharmaceutical industry are mainly used to stem the population growth on earth. Vaccinations make people sick and more susceptible because the immune system is disturbed. But he commented on chemtrails rather positively and said that they serve to curb the warming, for the benefit of humanity would be carried out and would distribute any viruses and bacteria.

He also reported on so-called replication printers, which could produce, for example, nutritious tomatoes and other foods as well as objects and be used in some underground bases. Eventually, this technology would also be made available to the world population. As for human consciousness, he stated that it is already possible for some extraterrestrial turf to switch consciousness from one body to another. By contrast, the ancient knowledge of reincarnation is a completely natural process of this possibility. Thus, one could say that there is a technology that deliberately and instantaneously transfers consciousness from one container to another. Also, it is now possible to create portals artificially, in order to be able to travel from one planet to another. This portal energy would also become known in the distant future. Aliens use this technology as well, and are even able to blend in with people's appearance without being noticed. The technology is also applied to the bases, but is not yet certain, since several test persons have disappeared without a trace. Another future vision Emery said was that people no longer needed food over the next few decades. The DNA would be changed so that it would no longer be dependent on nutrients supplied from outside.

When asked how many aliens he already had contact with, he replied that it must have been several thousand. Many of them stay in the underground bases and work with people. There is a group of people who have a very high impact on the world and want to keep the knowledge of aliens and the latest remedies hidden, while there is another group working to prepare people for this knowledge and new technologies , At the conclusion of the conference, Emery said that there is a bright future for humankind, that there are revolutions in healing, knowledge of the presence of aliens on Earth, and new technologies in the near future.


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