Who on Earth built this 300 million years old screw?

Who on Earth built this 300 million years old screw?

A 300 million-year-old screw was found. A stone containing the fossilized remains of what looks remarkably like a screw was found by extra-terrestrial hunters in Russia two decades ago, and today remains shrouded in mystery. The site of the find is thought to be the location of a possible asteroid hit, and the rock was discovered by chance. The artifact is about an inch long, and X-rays have revealed a second screw present inside the stone.

Is this a 300 million years old screw?

The group who found the stone called the Kosmopoisk group, have not as yet released information as to what the object is made of but the photographic evidence is quite compelling. Scientific testing of the rock itself has found it to be 300 million years old, which raises the question of the origins of the ancient screw. Some speculate it could be a creation of a previous race living on Earth long ago, evidence of an advanced civilization of humans or something like them. Others believe it may be alien in origin, and the group who discovered it certainly hold to that.

On the other hand, other experts say it is likely the fossilized remains of a sea dwelling creature whose body decayed and imprinted on the rock millions of years ago. They believe the crinoid is of similar design and some paleontologists claim that this is a possible shape that could upon fossilization might look like the screw, and indeed other fossils of crinoids have been found that they say have a like appearance to it. Also pointed out is the disbelief at an advanced alien race needing screws to create their star ships. Believers in the screw deny this, claiming there are differences between the sea creature and the artifact. And, of course, who’s to say what aliens build their ships out of.

Unless it is discovered what the screw was composed on, this mystery may never be solved.


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