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Who Rules the World? This Chart Exposes All The Names and Connections

Who Rules the World? This Chart Exposes All The Names and Connections

Many people assume that the world we live in is run by oligarchs who strive to live at levels of wealth and greed far beyond what most people would constitute as fair. Using deception, relying on connections, and initiating conspiracies are some of the tactics these oligarchs use to maintain their status. Many people believe that to be rich and wealthy; one must contain attributes consistent with that of a psychopath.

The Relationship Between Psychopathy and Power

It is beneficial for society to be on the lookout for psychopaths whether they come from wealthy families or are needy individuals looking to climb the latter using psychopathy. One critical aspect of a psychopath is manipulation. Psychopaths are often inadequate regarding many measures of intelligence such as managing money, problem-solving, and various life management skills. What they lack in nearly every aspect of modern life they make up for in manipulating people to cater to their needs.

Psychopaths devote all their energy to manipulation. This is important for society to recognize. A recent chart of Bilderberg Group members may have provided this recognition by revealing that the group is full of many psychopaths. The graph shows that nearly all Bilderberg members have ties to various corporations, some of them overlapping with one another.

The chart is important because the trend seems to be manipulation. The members of this group are the most influential people in the world yet show no real functional skill in the corporations they run. They are not involved in the day to day operations where most people are engaging in wage slavery for survival.

Bilderberg Group Organization
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At the center of the information revealed by the chart is manipulation and using connections and alliances for power. Many of the individuals have various roles within business and government. One thing is sure, however. All the positions they hold are positions of power. They go in and out of the private and public sector to set policies to help their friends, improve themselves, and increase their status.