Why Are Big FEMA Camps Being Build In Linden, New Jersey?

Why Are Big FEMA Camps Being Build In Linden, New Jersey?

An old General Motors plant site which was torn down in 2008 north on Routes 1 and nine from Woodbridge to Linden has a complete makeover in the last few days. It is converted into an encampment comprised of wooden poles and white tent bunting instead of concrete steel and wood. Within the premise, there are water trucks, vehicles for taking showers and tons of raw materials for more building. Besides this, there are guards and fences around this premise.

The resident of New Jersey has referred this encampment as White Tent City. There are many different versions on who, why and the purpose of this encampment. There are no definitive answers provided by the reliable source. This leaves the resident baffling and thus started some speculation on conspiracy theory.

White tent city

It is stated that this is a project is of FEMA - the acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and New Jersey State Police. But FEMA officials and others in positions of authority have denied that the agency has anything to do with this project, and there is no concrete answer to the intent of this encampment.

Initially, it was mentioned that the encampment is to house emergency workers from out of the state who have come to this area to do the repair works caused by the flood after the hurricane hit. But this does not make any sense since these emergency workers would have completed the restoration work within the next few days and be leaving the place. If this is the case, such encampment will not be required for the out-of-state emergency workers.

Since everyone is passing the buck that is directing from one agency to another, who is the one with the real authority for this building and what is the encampment be used for. Why are there such a high secrecy on this encampment?

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