Willease's Space Anomalies: Falcon Heavy Test Flight

This historic and exciting launch almost tops all the things I've ever experienced live from the cape.

What I love about this video segment of the live stream is that it sums up a days worth of the excitement in just over 10 minutes. By the way, I am in the video...well, at least my hand is (look for the hand gesture of the It also happens to have two great anomalies, both highlighted by zoom and speed. To align the audio with the video after slowing down the anomalies part was a say the least. No additional audio was needed, so no music're welcome...LOL

Enjoy! Willease

The launch of Apollo 11 and the Challenger, (which was exciting for all the wrong reasons) are still the top two. But I'll be there for the SpaceX Crew Dragon in a couple days...I can't wait! I believe that will top them all.

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