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WTC Had Power Switched Off For 36 Hours On Weekend Prior 9/11 Attack

WTC Had Power Switched Off For 36 Hours On Weekend Prior 9/11 Attack

Former World Trade Centre employee speaks of unusual events on the weekend before 9/11.

A whistle blower has come forward with some incredibly suspicious information relating to activities at the World Trade Centre on the weekend preceding the devastating attacks that leveled the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001.

Scott Forbes was employed by a company called Fiduciary Trust Company International which was once located on the 97th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Centre complex. He happened to be working on the weekend preceding the 9/11 attacks and claimed that the situation on the ground on these days was highly suspicious. Forbes claimed that there was a complete power down of the building during this period and he personally witnessed mysterious individuals, presumed to be engineers, doing unknown work on the building using spools of wire. According to Forbes, the only previous experience he had of a complete power down in the World Trade Centre was during a bomb scare in 1993.

Forbes is not alone in highlighting this highly unusual activity. Another former employee of Fiduciary Trust, Gary Corbett, who was also working on that weekend said that he too experienced the blackout and saw the engineers. Corbett also noted that people who were allegedly on ‘guided tours’ were moving around in supposedly secured areas during the blackout period. These secured areas, says Corbett, held gold and other highly valuable materials for JP Morgan.

Suspicions about the total structural collapse of the World Trade Centre complex following the airplane collisions have been proliferating ever since the attack took place. Many engineers and architects have pointed to the irregularity of the Twin Towers collapsing with such speed after the collision, stating that the building was constructed to withstand aircraft attack and was reinforced with one of the strongest steel structures in the entire world. It has also been pointed out that the collapse of the building seemed to follow the pattern of a controlled demolition. Could it really be the case that these two men witnessed the groundwork for an attack on the Twin Towers with explosives?

The theory that the Twin Towers may have been brought down by an internal explosion is also supported by the fact that sniffer dogs were removed from the building only a few days before the attacks, despite the fact that the entire complex was on heightened alert. Incidentally, the order to remove the dogs from the building was given by Marvin Bush, the younger brother of President George W Bush, who was the director of security operations for the World Trade Centre at that point in time.

The allegations made by Mr Forbes and Mr Corbett might seem credible and important enough to reopen an investigation into the events of September 11th. However, since both the 9/11 Commission and the New York Port Authority have persistently denied that the power was ever down prior to the attacks it appears as though a thorough investigation into this point will not see the light of day.

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