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Zecharia Sitchin: 20,000-Year-Old Sumarian Tablet And Our Existence On Earth

Zecharia Sitchin: 20,000-Year-Old Sumarian Tablet And Our Existence On Earth

Many people believe Genesis was unique in telling the story of how people were created and existed but then ancient texts that come from different cultures tell the same story and they were the first to tell the story and reveal the real reason of existence on earth.

Ancient Tablets Reveal Intriguing Information Dating Back 20,000 Years

The ancient texts talk about a similar historical account, however, they do go into a great deal more detail and they also add in some information that is intriguing. Sumerian tablets that date back 20,000 years have taken an archaeologist more than 20 years to translate and when he did they changed his whole life.

Zecharia Sitchin began to translate the tablets 50 years ago at a time when there weren't any other Sumerian translators to help him. The tablets were complex and this proved to be a huge challenge. They had been written in a longer period of time and so they followed the many changes to the Sumerian language.

Sumerian Tablets Text Is Autobiography Of Alien Named Nibiru

Following hard work for more than 20 years, Zecharia Sitchin managed to translate what he says is an autobiography of an alien from a planet with the name of Nibiru. The name of the alien was Enki and the story in the tablets began a long time before humans came to be.

The story in the Sumerian tablets begins with the account of Enki of arrival on Earth with 20 more astronauts and wife, as they searched for a material that allowed for life to perpetuate on their home planet, gold. The tablets revealed that the atmosphere of the planet had to have gold dust so that it could reflect ultraviolet radiation and this was making life very difficult on Nibiru.

Enki Anunnaki Sumer

Aliens Came To Earth In Search Of Gold Dust

The alien went on to say that while they were trying to excavate the gold from Earth, the Sumerian gods were not able to endure the physical work. Enki then came up with the idea of servants by combining DNA with the hominids on Earth. Then came the mission to create sentient humans was given to Enki's wife, a doctor and a scientist.

There have been many theories about the creation of humans through intervention, along with evolutionary path, already proven. Some people may refer to it as divine intervention and others say that the intervention was of the extraterrestrial variety.

Nibiru Rotates Every 10,000 Years And Is 10th Planet In Solar System

Sitchin however, thinks that the tablets offer a lot that was left out and not explained about the world’s history along with the solar system. He thinks that a missing link may be the result of the intervention of the aliens from Nibiru or Anunnaki. He believes that Nibiru has a rotational cycle of 10,000 years and it is the 10th planet in the solar system.

Planet X Earth Nibiru Cataclysm

Sitchin and his ideas don’t sit well with many historians as they are totally opposed to the idea of Anunnaki extraterrestrials and they have their suspicions about the accuracy of the tablets translation. The reason they have suspicions lie within the fact that the tablets showed variations in the language and this means that they cannot be translated by following one general rule.

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