Curiosity Rover Spots First UFO On Mars?

Rover Curiosity Object Mars
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The video below is doing the rounds online and shows what looks to be like a small object ascending from the ground somewhere near the Mars Curiosity Rover.

NASA is saying its simply the movement of a cloud of dust in the background, caused by the rover landing - but is it?. Your comments on the footage welcome.

Object 1 ascends in the middle of horizon (timescale on video) 0:03

Object 2 appears at the far left at 0:24.

Possible explanations are satellites, meteors, parts of the rovers landing gear, stars etc. Objects still remain unidentified.

Leaked video footage or photo time laps (1 frame per second?) taken by the NASA Mars Curiosity Rover of unidentified objects in the sky and ascending from the ground. Receiving more footage and info soon, so stay tuned.

Please view this video in FULL SCREEN when you see it. Look closely:

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